Tuesday, October 25, 2011

her 1st grade workboxes


It’s peek in the workboxes day again.  I wasn’t sure I’d have time (or energy!) to get it done…but somehow I managed.  Yeah…just call me Super Mom.


Winking smile



Bristels workboxes 013

She’s learning skip counting by 5’s


The Hundreds Chart has helped A LOT!

Bristels workboxes 014

We’re using Abeka’s Arithmetic 1


So far so good.  She’s really getting all the math concepts.  I’m very impressed. 



Bristels workboxes 015

Daily piano practices and weekly lessons.


Language Arts

Bristels workboxes 016

Her Language Arts binder includes…

Bristels workboxes 017

Abeka’s Letters & Sounds


I’m surprised that reading isn’t coming easy peasy for her.  Abeka does tend to be hard core and very auditory.  She’s more like her mommy – Kinesthetic.  Smile


Sometimes I’ll have flashes of inspiration.  Such as this fun way to practice her special sounds annnd work in a little cardio…


Bristels workboxes 001Bristels workboxes 004

Bristels workboxes 003


She LOVES it! 


Bristels workboxes 018



Blah.  Abeka again.  This is just not working for us.  I hate to give up when I already purchased the curriculum.  But she’s flunking all her spelling “tests”.  And that’s even with me using a multitude of ways to practice the words. 


I’m not sure if it’s just not connecting and if we stick with it – it eventually will click?


Or if I just need to bite the bullet and buy a different spelling program?


Bristels workboxes 019

And Abeka’s Language 1


Now…see…this she totally rocks.



Bristels workboxes 020

Abeka’s Cursive 1



Bristels workboxes 021

Abeka’s reading. 


I have THREE copies of A Handbook for Reading…but somehow didn’t notice that I was missing TipToes!  The next book in our curriculum.  Ugh.  I’m using old readers to supplement while I try to decide if it’s worth buying another copy of TipToes or not.   I just know if I do…Murphy’s Law will sneak in and hide it plain sight though!





 Keyboard Town Pals which we’re test driving.  Review coming soon.


Creative Writing

Bristels workboxes 022

She has a cute little book with writing prompts, space to draw a pictures and a few lines to write her thoughts.



Not in the Workboxes but on the School Menu anyway

The Tale of Despereaux as a read aloud with both kiddos – it’s possible I’m enjoying this book even more than them!

Apologia’s Exploring Astronomy



And that’s her 1st grade workboxes today.  I’m sharing them with…

Workbox Wednesday

I hope you share yours too.  Because I like to be nosey in my spare time. 





  1. Love the jumping! We have an exercise trampoline, but it hypes Sam up too much (over-stimulates) so it's outside gathering leaves and pine needles. ;)

    Could you take a few months off from Spelling? And then try it again? I don't do formal Spelling until 3rd grade when the kids (hopefully) have a good handle of reading. Sam (1st grade) does some Spelling of his Hooked on Phonics or Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons words with letter cards, but only about once a week.

  2. Hmmm...I wonder if you're right. My concern has been that Spelling in incorporated into her Phonics testing. And should our PS request to see some of her testing - we are required to test - I'd hate for it to look like she's not learning with the curriculum I'm using. Bleh. I need to stop caring "what it looks like" and just do what she needs me to. And to be honest...it makes more sense to wait a little while since she's already struggling with reading. Let's focus on that first. You totally just inspired this pep talk! :P


  3. It could be she has missed some of the phonics involved. Abeka starts phonics in pre-school and kindergarten. It looks like they are going for the long and short already. She may not be ready for it. We use Abeka here and most are ready by first grade but they have been doing Abeka all along. Love, Mom

  4. Thanks for linking-up with Workbox Wednesday! Just in case you don't see my answer to your question on my blog here it is again: "Danielle, I LOVE WriteShop! I love that it has the daily lesson plans written out very well, it is flexible, comprehensive and fun! The lessons are age appropriate. Out of 5 stars I would give it 6! ;) If you follow WriteShop on Facebook they often post where giveaways are being held and they also have sales pretty regularly. I don't know if this code is still good but SWEEPS15 was for 15% off any purchase."

  5. Just came across your blog as I was looking for workbox ideas for my little two. I know this post is older, but wanted to suggest All About Spelling...maybe you've heard of it? This is our first year to homeschool. We have a 3rd, 1st, Kinder and two pre-schoolers. My oldest struggled with spelling last year and had grown very discouraged by anything spelling related. I was very hesitant to buy AAS because it seemed very labor intensive. I have LOVED it, so has he! It incorporates the kinesthetic side of learning with letter tiles, the lessons are VERY EASY to use, there is lots of review already worked into the program, it's an open and go curriculum for the most part (so no real prep work for you outside of the initial set up), you go at your own pace and repeat a step until your child has a handle on it, we use a white board for all writing practice of words so it is easy to correct mistakes and is a little more "fun"! Anyway, hope that helps. And, btw, my first grader is using AAS as well and we use Abeka for reading and phonics.

  6. Missy...SO funny you should mention AAS. I've been flipping through their site...for my little guy too!