Monday, October 24, 2011

the best five dollar pun-kin field trip ever



It was a beautiful day for a  Simcock Farm field trip.


pumpkin patch and basset furniture 001

I’ll be honest.  I don’t usually do field trips with all three kids.  Or rather without a Trevy Helper and all three kids.  Smile

pumpkin patch and basset furniture 002

I went a little crazy this time.  Not only did I bring all three kids minus a Helper…I also invited a friend for Tobes!


But five dollars for a hay ride, corn maze, pumpkin and ice cream? 


Well…that just invites crazy, right?!   

pumpkin patch and basset furniture 003

You have no idea how fitting the Trevy Monster is! 


Unless you have a Trevy for your own, anyway.

pumpkin patch and basset furniture 005

The kiddos had SO much fun. 

pumpkin patch and basset furniture 006


pumpkin patch and basset furniture 007

They just love being around friends and exploring nature. 

pumpkin patch and basset furniture 008

Except Trevy.  He’s in this weird phase where he’s scared of everything.  My best guess is it’s some Sensory Processing funky business.  Meanwhile hoping in my heart there’s not some seizure storms brewing under the growing back in curls.  And there’s the rub with having a Non-Verbalish kiddo.  He can’t tell me what’s going on.  I’ll be chatting with his OT about it at our next appointment.  He was having a sensory day and everything was freaking him out.  He’d be okay for a few minutes and then it was cranky city.  And the only thing that made him happy was mommy cuddles.

pumpkin patch and basset furniture 009

Thank goodness a girlfriend was there to help out!


Seriously, Jen, I couldn’t have done it without you!  Or at least I couldn’t have done it without having a mommy melt down the whole way home without you! 


I refuse to do any field trips without you ever again! Winking smile

pumpkin patch and basset furniture 010

While I schlepped a cranky Trevy…

pumpkin patch and basset furniture 011

she helped schlep the pumpkins! 

pumpkin patch and basset furniture 012

Have you ever tasted pumpkin ice cream?



pumpkin patch and basset furniture 014

And really…

pumpkin patch and basset furniture 015



it was a beautiful day for a Pun-kin Picking field trip.



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  1. Franken-Trevy is adorable!

    Great trip! And you can't beat the price! We're going with a homeschool group to the BIG pumpkin place on Friday (if the rain holds off) and it's only $5 too - pumpkin farming "lesson", hay ride, small pumpkin, and playing on all the cool stuff they have for $5/person.

  2. So many places price gouge...I just love when you find something affordable!


  3. Wow, that looked like so much fun!!! I really wish we had stuff like that here in Malaysia! Here, Halloween is just another day when horror movies play on TV. Maybe I should do something different with the LO's next year as they're too young to appreciate anything now... hehe!

  4. Somehow I missed that you're in Malaysia, Jasmine. Wow! I can totally relate too. I remember when we were in TZ feeling SO out of the loop. We did have a little harvest party though...and invited friends to dress up and come hang out. It was fun...


  5. how very cute - looks like you had a fun time! Our pumpkin trips haven't worked out thus far....we were hoping to go for our 3rd attempt on Saturday, but it doesn't look like the weather is going to cooperate.

    Thanks for sharing the cute pics! I'm your newest follower from the crew. Blessings!

  6. Hi, Steph!

    Speaking of the SNOWED here last night! Ugh...


  7. Consider linking up your trip to the Field trip hop:)

    We found our first pumpkin farm in the UK and it was underwhelming to say the least. But Halloween is not big over here:(

  8. That looks like such a great place!! We are in the UK and there is nothing like that near us - like The Adventurer said, it's not big here..............but we're doing our best to change that!!

  9. All linked up Mama Adventure!

    Susie...I hope you guys are successful. All the fall things are SO fun for the kids!