Wednesday, September 7, 2011

workboxing our style



His Workboxes (not necessarily in order of completion)


workboxing and more 050

We’re about half-way through Saxon 5/4 and he’s getting the hang of it.


Since daddy is a numbers guy all corrections are done when he gets home from work in the evening. 

workboxing and more 051

Both kiddos are taking piano lessons from Super Grams.

workboxing and more 052

I’m addicted to binders.  I’ll just go ahead and admit that now before we go any further.  Smile 


In his Language Arts (LA) binder you’ll find…

workboxing and more 053


workboxing and more 054

Both are ACE.

workboxing and more 055

Does your state require you to teach Civics (as opposed to history & geography, donchya know) too?

workboxing and more 056

Again ACE plus a daily Map Skills sheet. 

workboxing and more 057

I double up our workboxes to save on space.  Science is Apologia’s Exploring Astronomy.  We do this one together and are having a blast.  Haha…blast…get it?

workboxing and more 058

Three days a week he has a creative writing project.  I stole borrowed this idea from Amy over at Are We There Yet? because it’s…well…brilliant and I pretty much love everything she says!  

workboxing and more 059

Today’s prompt was “what do you want to be when you grow up"?”


He’s 10.  5th Grade.  Any guesses? 


Of course.  A baseball player.  Which according to him he’s

“getting an inch closer every day”! 


Gosh…I love being a mommy to boys!  They’re too stinkin’ cute!

workboxing and more 060

I keep book reports in the folder.  He has to fill one out after each book he finishes.  I try to keep them fun and easy. 


Her Workboxes

(not necessarily in order either)

workboxing and more 035

Oh binder sweet binder, how I love thee!

workboxing and more 036

And those little pouches that clip inside.  Which are just perfect for holding math manipulatives! 

workboxing and more 037

New work on the right.  Completed work to the left. 

workboxing and more 038

Finished work in the back.  Until this semester is done.  I’ll then move it out and repeat cycle.  Cause I like it. 

workboxing and more 039

More piano. 

workboxing and more 040


workboxing and more 041

She’s pretty much all Abeka this year.  Language is just “ducky” and Spelling is coming up “horses”.  I know it doesn’t make sense.  But it’s late.  My creativity is zapped!

workboxing and more 042

She’s also keeping a journal this year. 

workboxing and more 043

I like how she let’s me know she’d “like to hav sum privs tim” 


Which I can only guess means “leave me alone already, mommy!”

workboxing and more 044


workboxing and more 045

Learning cursive in Penmanship (or writing)

workboxing and more 046

Below is the book she chose for her Barnes & Nobel summer reading reward.  She can’t read it solo yet.  Or she’s yanking my chain to get extra snuggles in?  I’m not sure…

workboxing and more 047

I also have her work on Starfall during her 20 minutes of daily reading. 

workboxing and more 048

A little history & geography is good for 1st graders too.  Love that Target had workbooks in their dollar bins!

workboxing and more 049


And that’s our workboxing wrap. 


You can be nosy like me check out how others are workboxing at…









  1. My 4th grader will be working through Saxon 54 after doing another Math workbook. (She wanted a break from it after last year. LOL) And she had my little guy started Apologia Astronomy this morning! So, we're doing some similar things! LOL

  2. I had a feeling we could be two peas in a pod. :)


  3. I love those two sided folders that fit inside a ring binder and hold loose pages. Where do you get them? What are they called?

    I too use binders a lot but more for storage than every day use.

    I am just prettying up a post over at my blog about how I do workboxes. Check it out in a week or two. :)

    Best wishes
    Jen in Oz

  4. I bought the folders at Staples during their back-to-school sale a few weeks ago. Love them! They're cute and so handy.

    I use binders for pretty much everything. They just make life so much easier. :)

    Can't wait to see your workbox post!


  5. Hi Danielle! Thanks for linking up! Love the journal idea...I may have to steal...uh...I mean borrow it too! ;)

  6. Great boxes! I love the animal folders.

  7. Ha Ha! Steal away! Love all the cutesy folders.