Friday, September 9, 2011

BigIQkids (a TOS review)





When I contracted with TOS I agreed that I would review products in exchange for sharing my honest opinion here on my blog.  Even products that I maybe possibly kinda sorta wasn’t interested in.  Shhhhhhhh.  This is where I confess that BigIQkids was one of those products I glanced at and quickly decided I was not interested.  It was also one of those products that was placed on my review plate anyway!  Yikes!  Winking smile 



Turns out…the TOS product assigning staff were right and I was oh so wrong!  Cause 1) we get a whole year to trial this out and 2) so far it’s been a hit with the kids! 



Okay…okay…enough with the fluff.  I have a friend who likes to tease me that I add too much fluff. To which I respond - it’s spice not fluff






The Basics


  • BigIQkids offers a free online Spelling Program. (that’s right folks, free!) You’ll also find other fun freebies like vocab, phonics and math fact activities.  Me like-y freebie!  
  • BigIQkids also offers premium Math, Spelling and US Geography lessons for several payment options ranging between $7.99 and $149.99 based on your child’s needs and length of subscription.  Click here to see the full pricing list.  I really like how they have the Free vs. Premium tab to help with your decision making! 






  • When I first took a gander at the BigIQkids website, I’ll be honest, it seemed a little clunky and busy for me.  I might have adult ADHD?  I’m wicked easy to distract.  After I was given the opportunity to review it though, I spent more time trolling around the site and my opinion changed.  It’s actually super user friendly.  If you click the How To Use tab you’ll find step x step instructions and even training videos!  Also, I’m a big fan of transparency and from my perspective everything looks very up front.  No hidden fees.  Lots of aids and explanations available.  You can never have too much help (and honesty)!
  • BigIQkids is geared for K and up  
  • And homeschool mommies…you’re gonna love this…BigIQkids is a mastery based curriculum!  No moving forward until your child has mastered a particular subject!  <3  
  • I love the Parent email update after each lesson is complete! 
  • And for me online hosting is just soooooo convenient!  Make sure the kiddos know their ids and passwords and they can access their BigIQkids account from any computer!  Grams’ house…the library…where ever!  




The Test Drive



Toby was a big fan of the Spelling Bee! 




He’s hyper competitive.  In other words, a boySmile  And was just addicted to the challenge of being the best in.the.woooooorld! 


Bristel was all about the math!  It makes her feel brainy that she’s learning how to add and subtract.  Smile 





I was worried that the graphics weren’t cutsie enough for her but turns out I’m more interested in cutsie than she is.  The buzzer sound was annoying to all of us!  Maybe that could be enhanced?  But otherwise, I thought this was a great fact drill activity.  I can’t emphasize enough how much I love the mastery mastery mastery concept! 


Both of my kiddos dig anything Geography and had a lot of fun with States lessons so far. 






My Summary


After I got over my initial over stimulation (cause there is a lot going on at BigIQkids!) and actually dug around…I really liked it.  I’m always a huge fan of anything that’s online accessible for those days at Grams’ house.  Less to pack = happy mommy!  Smile   I’m also a fan of automatic parent reports.  Because it’s nice when someone else does the work for you every now and then.  Am I right…or am I right!  


I intend to use the Math Drills daily for the kids as part of their Arithmetic work.  I’ll also be entering their spelling lists to take advantage of the Spelling lessons too!  And I’m sure we’ll keep rooting around Geography to further reinforce what we’re learning about the States too!


I’m delighted that I have a year to play with this program and figure out how to best use it!  I’m sure I’ll have more to say in the future.  But for now…make sure you check out all the freebies they offer!  I’m 100% that you’ll find something to enhance what you’re already doing!    



read what others have to say about it




And last but not least…this is where I disclaim to you that two of my children were granted premium memberships of this product at no cost in return for an honest and timely review on this blog.  The opinions expressed here are my own.  And I received no other compensation other than the memberships.





  1. Continue with the "spice" in your reviews- makes 'em so fun to read! ;0)

  2. If I could kiss you...I totally would! ;p


  3. Sometimes you just never know what will be a hit! Looks like a great program! (I want to be on TOS too! LOL)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Great idea about spelling the words while typing. Of course my Spelling hate to type too, unless it SPONGEBOB TYPING games! LOL

  4. We love BigIQKids here. We reviewed it last year, and are STILL using and enjoying it. What a blessing it has been. Enjoyed this review, too (I just read your Time4Learning one as well.... ;-) ). ENJOY your year on the Crew. And be amazed how God uses it to bless your homeschool! :-)

  5. Wendy...thank you SO much for the encouragement!


  6. The spice keeps your reviews personal. Keep it up. ;)