Tuesday, October 11, 2011

art class

I’ll be honest…
my knowledge of fine arts is lacking.  Talk brain surgery…and I’m hanging with ya.  Ask me to differentiate between Monet and Picasso…I’m lost!
But not for long.
I hope…
Thanks to Erica of Confessions of a Homeschooler I have a plan of attack for studying famous artists with the kiddos this year!
Art (usually) happens on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Today we began to investigate Mr. Pablo Picasso.  Um.  Interesting guy.  We’re making portfolios where we’ll notebook what we’ve learned about each artist and store our masterpieces as we go. 
Tools We’re Using 
World’s Greatest Artists Volume 1 a unit study created by Erica
Warning Mommies:  watch out for glimpses of Roman Glory!  That’s what we call nakey pics after our recent study of Ancient Rome.  Those Romans love flaunting their Glory!  Anyway…you may want to go through and add little sticky notes over any inappropriate places.  Mr. Picasso was a fan of nakey. 
bristel's workboxes and trevy montessori 015
Bristel’s Picasso inspired self portrait
bristel's workboxes and trevy montessori 017
Toby’s Picasso inspired self portrait
We borrowed that idea from Art Projects for Kids.
We’ll also be slicing and dicing magazines to create a cubist masterpiece to add to our artist portfolios.  Tips can be found here
I’ll try to keep posting our projects as we go along!  Another great resource for the artsy-challenged moms like me is Sketch Tuesday.  Love when someone else does the thinking for me!

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  1. Me too! LOL

    I so so little about art concepts and artists, but we're using a simple book this year and it's helping!

    Great pictures!