Friday, August 26, 2011

the homeschool mother’s journal




In my life this week…


Well, let’s see.  Hurricane Irene is swishing and splashing her way towards us.  I sure hope that humongous tree our neighbors totally should have cut down last year plays nice.  Or at the very least falls on their house and not ours!  We don’t really get much Hurricane action in New England.  But it’s been awhile and we’re due.  In other non-weather news…our Special Olympics volunteer training was a HIT!  And we’re SO excited for our first game day!  School is peeking right around next week’s corner.   



In our homeschool this week…


We’re still summer breaking.  But I’ve been busy getting things organized and all set up.  Posters hung.  Workboxes loaded.  Schedule cards made, if not laminated.  Only one or two books left to buy.  So the other night I decide to call the kiddos in and go through their boxes one at a time.  Just as a refresher that, yes, you’re still school aged.  Also…I was totally excited.  The smell of fresh paper and new crayons makes me giddy.  I thought they’d share the enthusiasm.  Yeah.  Not so much.  But at least they’ve been warned! Winking smile    



Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…


Ordinarily I’d feel like I have nothing to contribute here and I’d skip right over. But.  I found a great way to squeeze in a little PE plus eliminate The Uglies.  Seriously.  I should market this idea.  Cause it’s so working and that’s so wonderful!


Are your kids like mine and sometimes its seems like all they do is fight with each other?  The live long day?  Especially during summer…when there’s so much free-time!  Well…I finally (after gobs of other trial and error techniques) found a keeper mommy move to cure The Uglies.  


They have to run a lap around the house any time I hear them using an ugly voice with each other. 


I love it!  No more yelling for them to stop!  And then feeling guilty like they’re just mirroring me.  Now, all I do is say “that’s one”!  And away they go to run off the grumpies one lap at a time!  And as a side bonus…they’re playing together more.  At this very moment, they’re up to their elbows in legos.  Playing and building together.  Love it!  Hope it keeps working for at least another month! 



My fave thing this week was…


Gee.  I don’t know.  I’ve had lots of really sweet moments this week.  It’s hard to choose just one.  Every now and then I’ll have a sappy week.  This is that week. 



A photo (or 10) to share…



felt activities and three buddies 033felt activities and three buddies 034felt activities and three buddies 035felt activities and three buddies 037felt activities and three buddies 038 

Now you know I’m such a sap!  Whose heart wouldn’t melt with those little faces filling it up everyday?!



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  1. Yes! I too love your lap-running idea. Here at our house, when someone is not kind to another, they have to say 10 nice things about that person. Each of my girls are also assigned daily play time with their little brother. This is a win-win situation for everyone, including me! Yay!!! Thank you for sharing. And the pictures of your little ones are just precious.

  2. What a sweet group of kids you have! And I can see some curls here too! LOL Would you believe that several people have told me I should CUT OFF S's curls in the last couple of days?! No way! LOL

    We're in New England as well - Maine. We're preparing for Irene. Let's hope it's just a good ol' soaker with a little wind and nothing more. (I didn't catch the forecast this morning.)

    Following your blog! Trevy is an inspiration! S has a neurological disorder called Sensory Processing Disorder as well as some other developmental difficulties associated with it. It's challenging, but the rewards are so very worth it! Thanks for stopping in and reading my blog!

  3. Faith...I really need to implement the mandatory play time too!

    Mounty...DON'T CUT THE CURLS!!!!!!!!!! I'm totally with ya on that one! Trevy used to have beautiful surfer curls. They'd hang in his eyes and drive the grandma crazy. But they were oh so sweet. Sigh. Of course, we didn't really get a say in the cutting off of his but still...I miss those curlies. If I use enough water and product and scrunch it up for 30 minutes straight I can still coax some out. But it's not the same...

    I love that you're following. :)


  4. Hope you are safe from the hurricane, we are watching the news as my parents might be in its path:(. So going to try the run a lap around the house idea with my two, sound like a fantastic idea:)!!!

  5. Just wanted to say that i'm loving your blog and i really hope you stay safe in the storm:-)

  6. Everyone in Irene's path is in my thoughts and prayers. Hurricanes can be really ugly monsters. I will have to try your lap running idea. My boys fight almost every waking moment. I'm hoping things improve with our homeschool year starting Monday. I love your photos ... those beautiful smiles are absolutely radiant!

  7. Done the lap idea here too, and jumping on the trampoline with no tricks for 3 minutes. That really works for my bouncy boy.

    Good luck with Irene, hope it turns out to be just some heavy rain.

    Best wishes
    Jen in Oz

  8. Good luck this weekend with the storm. Prayers are going out to you all.

  9. I love the lap time around the house idea. I am sure I will get some complaints on that one. I have it wrote down so I don't forget to use it.