Sunday, July 3, 2011

a trophy to call her own


Her brother’s dresser is smothered in trophies.  He’s an athlete.  It comes with the territory.  There are only one or two that are really, truly special.  Throw out the window in the event of a fire special.  Mostly…they just sit there collecting dust. 


And evidently her eye. 


Because suddenly she was desperate for a trophy of her own.  She even tried talking her brother into giving her one of his trophies.  Just so she had one.  Totally cuteness. 


Last Sunday that all changed. 


need to organize 001 


Although their daddy is pastoring a small church plant…both kiddos attend a Thursday night club at another church.  The one where PopPop is the pastor.  My husband and I love that their grandparents have this time to leave a Spiritual mark on their tender little hearts.  They have to work hard all year…memorizing verses…attending class…remembering to bring their Bible…and other things.  Faithfulness is rewarded with a prize. 


Coincidentally, this year’s was…


a trophy. 


need to organize 002



She didn’t even get jealous that her brother got one too. 


Because all she wanted was a trophy to call her own. 




  1. Fellow Crew mate and new follower! :)

  2. Too cute... She's beautiful, Danielle!

  3. that's so sweet.
    my husband pastors a small church, too, and HIS dad is a pastor as well! :)
    it IS neat to see the legacy of godliness passed down!