Wednesday, June 29, 2011

workboxing wednesday



workbox our style picture


Okay.  I’ll come clean.  I’ve been a L.A.Z.Y. slob this week! 


But that’s okay when you’re on summer break.  For a couple weeks anyway… 


:: wink ::


While we don’t have official workboxes going right now, the kids are all hooked up with summer activities.  Reading.  Basketball.  Baseball.  Dance.  Speech Therapy.  ABA Therapy.  Swimming at Grams’.  And the list goes on. 


The 4th Grader was all butterflies and nerves over the first day of basketball camp today!  Actually, Grams’ called first thing this morning to see if she could borrow The Littles.  Um.  Lemme think about that.  YES!  The best part (other than the not having the schlep them with) was when I felt moved to shut down the music and just spontaneously pray over Toby.  Side Note:  I need to do that more often.  I pray for my children daily…but most often it’s when I’m alone.  Toby’s response to my prayer was so beautiful and sweet (he was clearly moved) that my heart pricked me again.  I need to do that more often.


He asked me to stay for a few minutes while he got to know the kids.  Turns out most of the kiddos in his group have played a sport of one kind or another with him before.  The butterflies fluttered away.  But I stayed any how.  Cause it’s hilarious adorable watching 10-13 year olds do calisthenics! 





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  1. Thanks for linking-up! So glad you found us! Sounds like you are keeping busy! Take care!

  2. Can't wait to see what you got going on with your workboxes! I see you workbox IKEA style too ;)
    We didn't do any workboxes this week either, but I tell you what, my life is much saner when I use them! lol

  3. Michelle...I'll keep linking too!

    Jen...haha, don't get too excited! I'm actually pretty boring! ;)