Tuesday, June 28, 2011

how can you stay mad at that?

Trevy’s vocab just continues to blossom.  Much of what he says is still unintelligible to the non-Trevy trained ear.  But it’s coming along.  Among his newest words is - bad

I’ve used it tons while we’ve been iPad surfing YouTube.  Cause.  Well.  You just can’t believe the crap out there!  I mean seriously?  Who comes up with Dora killing Elmo?  Why, people?!  So I’ll say, “No watch, Trevy…it’s bad!”  Or something to that effect.    

Somewhere along the way his little mind wrapped around the meaning.  Suddenly he was self filtering the baaaaaaad  (he has this super cute way of dragging a word out) Barney videos without mommy prompting.  He even makes judgment calls on the goodness or badness of a video based on the very first image.  It’s so funny and interesting that he gets it.  Of course he also uses it to his advantage by labeling baaaaaaaad anything that even remotely smacks of “work”.  Stinker.   

So tonight Jonathan was giving him a bath and had evidently turned his back for a second.  When he turned back around there was Trevy dumping the entire (brand new) bottle of baby shampoo into the water.  J snatched the bottle away with a frustrated NO Trevy!

According to Jonathan it was hard to stay mad when Trevy flashed him the puppy dog eyes and asked…



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