Friday, June 24, 2011

iPad app(s) of the day

OMGoodness emotions have never been SO cute!  Adorable little faces representing 16 different emotions from happy to hiccupy complete with sound effects.  Trevy’s faves are “gassy” and “sneezy”. 

Tanzanian memories!  I think this show might be South African based?  I just remember it was one of the few children’s programs we had access to in The Bush.  And now there’s an adorable iPad app so Trevy can walk down memory lane!  Explores weather conditions, what to wear and activities.  We haven’t played this one yet…but it looks fun!  FYI – I couldn’t find the free version to link in but all you have to do is visit the app store and search for ilearn with Poko and it will pull up for you.  Smile 

  Handmade Mother Goose – FREE
Just for funsies app.  Brings snippets of mother goose poems to life.  It’s not super exciting but there are cause and effect-ish things happening.  It’s worth the price.  Winking smile 

  PBS Kids – FREE
Can’t say enough about this app…just go download it already!

  My Underwear – $2.99
I found this app when it was free but I would probably pay for it!  It’s that much fun!  Especially with a kiddo who is addicted to potty humor!  Games include designing your own undies, putting the undies on various animals (Trevy rolls when the go on the head!), helping a monster catch and eat the undies (Trevy amazed me yesterday by actually learning how to maneuver the monster and hold him in place to make the catch!) and of course the always fun undie matching game.  The colors are fantastic and the games are a blast!  Five stars if you ask me! 

  Moody Monster Manor:  Free!
The only emotions more adorable than the app waaaaay up at the tippy top of this post…would be the ones belonging to these monsters!  The graphics are super poppy cute and the sound effects make Trevy giggle.  The games are little over Trevy’s head.  But this is definitely on my must-have-that-app list! 

  Whizzy Kids – Free!
Another must have!  This game was designed and developed by a teacher and she’s totally got her finger on the pulse!  Games include: 
  • Body part matching – this is more for Bristel’s age group
  • Monster matching – a very simple tap and match game.  Trevy doesn’t “get” it yet…but I have no doubt he’ll catch on soon!
  • Letters and Sounds
  • Can You Remember – you get 10 seconds to study a group of pictures before another group pops up.  You then have to tap the pictures that don’t belong.  Way over Trevy’s head…but great for Tobes and Bri!
  • Puzzles – I love that this one starts with just one piece missing before moving on to more difficult levels!
  • And our very fave Finger Mazes – wonderful wonderful fine motor training!  Trevy needs hand over hand to complete this…but it’s just SO fantastic!

  Day Night Black White – .99 cents
Another one I found when it was a freebie.  It’s cute.  Moves through flashcards of opposites.  All touch based and the graphics and voiceover are decent.  I may pay for it?  Maybe?  If I had some mulah burning a hole in my iPad app pocket.  Smile 

  Moms with Apps – free! 
Because it’s just awesome when someone else does the work for you! 

See more of my app recommendations by clicking the links below

Enjoy your Pab (Trevy Speak: iPad)!  



  1. Hi got your link from workboxes yahoo group, I'm now following you from GFC! Hope you'll stop by and visit me as well Have a new blog hop running and a giveaway going on! :D

    I sooo want an IPAD! Dh and I were just discussing last night, unfortunately it won't be any time soon...I think it would be great for my 2yr old to work on his speaking (he is in speech therapy).

  2. I love these. I wish my guys were still little.

    I have family in the Westerly/Watch Hill area of RI, and I love to visit.

    I'm stopping by from the crew, and I'm a new GFC follower.

  3. Hey Jen...of course I'll follow you back! ;) We bought our iPad for our youngest...who has global special needs. But's just so great for the whole fam!

    Catherine...thanks for poppin' in. Following you back! And Westerly is loooooverly!