Wednesday, May 25, 2011

workboxing our style


Summer’s a comin’!  And boy o’ boy are we feelin’ it! 


I’m SO ready for a break!   


workbox 002


In his two computer based (Monarch) subjects he’ll be…


Reviewing Africa for History/Geography…




Writing an outline for his final essay in Language Arts.  If I had to choose a most difficult subject…it would surely be all things Language Arts.  Specifically anything involving writing more than one (grammatically spot on) sentence in a row.  My goal at the beginning of this school year was for him to successfully and independently be able to write a 2 page essay.  I’m a believer in transparency…sooooo…I’ll admit that we’re lucky to get three paragraphs.  With full on mom coaching.  And much grinding and nashing of teeth. 




Toby's Homeschool 2010-2011 (2)


In Science (ACE) he’s working on his LAST PACE!  Whoop!  Whoop! 


I’ve really enjoyed ACE.  It’s deliciously independent.  Colorful.  Gospel rich.  But next year I’d like for Science to be one of our combined subjects.  Meaning all of us can learn together.  The first half of the year we’re planning on Exploring Anatomy in tandem with My Body.  I’m super excited about this one because I’m Kinesthetic and the hands on of creating a life sized me is just too cool!  I’m also intending to Explore Astronomy for the second half of the year.   


to organize and blog 010


We’re on lesson 46 in our Saxon 5/4.  He passed his last test with a 90%.  And the mistakes were careless rather than non-comprehending.  Soooo…I’m comfy moving forward. 


We’ll be Sax-ing (along with Language Arts-ing) through the summer. 




I’ve mentioned before that Monarch’s Language Arts just hasn’t been rich enough for us.  I think if you have a natural propensity towards writing and grammar…it might work.  But if you’re a struggler.  Not so much. 


So in our additional Language Skills workbook we’ll be digging into how to write a narrative.  Fun times at Little Rhody Academy today!  If grinding and nashing of teeth are fun in your book.


:: smile ::   




He’s doing so wonderful with his piano lessons that it makes me wish I’d started them earlier! 


And in fact, plays a mean Rain Rain Go Away. 


:: wink ::


trevy's 4th birthday 010


Reading is Henry and the Paper Route.  For no other reason than the next Narnia book is on hold for us…and I already own the other!


Penmanship (Horizon’s 4th Grade) will go with us this afternoon to help fill the hour in the waiting room while Trevy has his weekly outpatient Speech Therapy.


And we’re saving the best for last…







  1. Cool... we did Exploring Astronomy and Anatomy this year. I love them both! I decided to go with them for the same reasons you did -- hands on. Are you planning on doing the Notebooking Journal also?

  2. Very cool!!!! I think that anatomy should be so much fun for you guys.