Friday, May 27, 2011

to write an essay–part I


It started as research for an essay he needs to write.  Have I mentioned how much my 4th Grade Sports Star hates writing?  Seriously.  Grinding and nashing of teeth.   


So I was side x side with him.  Coaching.  Homeschooling. 


No surprise, he choose baseball as his topic of choice.  Specifically who holds the record for the most steals.


Our Google search led us here.  To the Baseball Almanac.  Warning girls…don’t show your boys!  Cause trust me…they’ll be sucked right in.  From there we somehow discovered George Van Haltren.  Who, even I agree, has a pretty cool baseball history.  One of only two players in history left out of the Baseball Hall of Fame who have scored over 1600 runs during their career.  Tobes was smitten immediately upon learning George was a March born Lefty too.  Better yet…he’d played for the O’s.  Before I knew it we were immersed in stats and scores. 





So many numbers make my head swim!


But not him.  Nope.  He could sit there all day reading RBIs and ETAs and ERAs and blah blah blahs!  He was so excited he just had to call his dad ASAP.  I listened as the two of them spoke in numbers and letters (like some code of men) for several minutes.  Toby’s little face positively beaming.  It was a sweet moment.  I always try to fully appreciate those “melt mommy” moments.  To savor them.  I don’t always follow through…but I try.  And was successful that time. 


It occurred to me that words probably make his little head spin just like those rows upon rows of states and acronyms make mine.


Sitting down to compile lists of numbers would be like pulling teeth to me.  So I guess I can give him a little space if trading in numbers for words (to form at least 3 3 sentence paragraphs so we can call it an essay) isn’t really the highlight of his education. 


At least he’s learned that researching can be fun. 


:: smile ::



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