Wednesday, May 11, 2011

workboxing our style (link up yours too!)



Happy Wednesday! 


Here’s a peek at how we’re workboxing today…


workbox weds 004


We’re still plugging away with Monarch.  Is everyone in your house going bonkers with Spring Fever too?  They certainly are in mine!  So I’ve been a little more relaxed.  Which translates to letting him choose what to work on when. 


This morning he opted to chip away at both his computer based subjects first.  Civics & Language Arts. 


workbox weds 017


Next up:  Piano.  I loooooooove listening to him practice.  SO much more pleasing than our recorder days! 


:: wink ::


workbox weds 005


I’m loving the switch up to Saxon for him.  I’m even brave enough to let you peek at his sloppy lefty  notebook! 


Oh…and the Hubs had a happy homeschooling moment yesterday.  I had to pack up Toby’s books and send him off to work with his Daddy.  My morning was going to be filled with the joy of a Trevy IEP meeting.  If you don’t know what that is…count your lucky stars! 




The Hubs’ boss peeked over Toby’s shoulder while he was working on his Saxon and was thoroughly impressed.  Jonathan was so cute with his bragging when I picked Toby up.     


workbox weds 008workbox weds 009


I’ve mentioned before that Toby needs extra help with all things Language Arts. 


I really like the Language Skills book I found at Barnes & Nobel.  


workbox weds 010workbox weds 012


Do you kiddos need insistent reminders to make corrections first!? 


workbox weds 011


Penmanship is Horizons


workbox weds 013workbox weds 014


Just two more PACES to go and we’re done with Science for the year! 


Whoop!  Whoop!


workbox weds 015


Toby finished up The Silver Chair yesterday.  So he owes me a book report today.  I love this book review (SuperTeacherWorksheets) which allows him to express his opinion and even give it a star rating.


workbox weds 020


Last but not least (and it doesn’t fit in a workbox) the Hubs & I will get to cuddle on the bleachers at tonight’s game. 


(Thanks to Grams who will be sitting the Littles for us…otherwise we’d be running laps after Trevy! Smile )


Is he the cutest little catcher you’ve seen, or what?!


workbox weds 002


And that’s a Workbox Peek wrap for us.  We’d love a peek in yours!


My free Linky subscription expired and I’m not ready to plop down any mulah…




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  1. Awww, have fun at the game!!!

  2. Toby, Keep working!! Bibi is coming at the end of the month and I hope you can be done for the year! Love Saxon!!!! Hug all the little Foltzes for me!! Bibi = )

  3. Wow, great job! To say that we have been a little lax these weeks is an understatment (major Spring Fever). BTW, his handwriting looks fine to me, at least he can cursive. That is something we have been working on for a LONG time. I hope you finish soon, so you can enjoy summer! --Erin