Saturday, May 7, 2011

our summer bucket list

Such a fun idea (thanks, Michelle!) that I rounded up the fam for a good old fashioned brain storm.  I’m color coding our contributions.  Daddy. Mommy. Toby. Binti. Trevy

Gulls Game – a super cheap and super fun summer family night
Butterfly Zoo
Dream Night @ the Zoo – this is a special treat for families who battle life threatening or serious, chronic conditions on a daily basis
Story Land & Santa’s Village – I can pimp for both because Make-A-Wish is an amazing organization and not only blessed Trevy with a trip to Disney World last year…but also provided tickets to both fun destinations for us this year! 
Beach – it’s a crime to live so close and never go
Frosty Freeze – yum!
Try a new restaurant – because Mickey D’s is just getting old
Paint the living room – something green
Build a family/school room in the dungeon basement
Basketball Camp
Play dates – don’t get your hopes up, buddy!
Make the AllStar team
Watch summer WipeOut together
Wii Night Palooza
Go to the zoo
Swimming @ Grams’
Buy a pool – you know, a little one that she and Trevy can romp in.  Her words.  :: smile ::
Beach – she’s such a mommy’s girl
Read a bunch of stories together – ready, set, awwwwwwwwwww
Playing in the yard together
Create a family obstacle course
(pssssst…I helped Trevy with his choices)
HIKE – the boy looooooves exploring!
McDonalds – he can’t get enough fries
Cheese – the Chuck E. kind
Bye Bye – did I mention he looooooves exploring?

That should be enough to keep us busy this summer!  To get inspired check out the Summer Bucket List Party!


  1. You've inspired me, I think we will have to make one! Great list.

  2. totally inspired me :)

    Kate...thanks, hon. It was a fun family time this morning. Now to stick to it!


  3. What a fun idea! Looks like a great summer is in store for you all!

  4. A family obstacle course is a great idea. I love how you color coded the ideas. I will have to remember that for next year!

  5. An excellent list! We love to hike here too!

  6. I'm so glad you posted your list and linked up to the party! Have a super fun summer.

  7. I love the idea of color coding it.

  8. LOVE your list!! And even borrowed a few ideas!! Visiting you from Little Wonders' summer bucket list!

  9. Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog! LOVED reading through your bucket list! As far as reading - I think I'm gonna grab a fluff book this time, Something Borrowed.