Thursday, May 5, 2011

easy peasy mother’s day craft: cuppa tea for mommy and me


This is totally NOT original with me.  Binti created it in school and couldn’t wait until Sunday to give it to me.  And it was so cute that I couldn’t wait to blog it!  I thought it would be great for co-ops or Sunday School.  Or really any venue in which adorable kids are available to craft for melting their mommy purposes.

:: wink ::    

mother's day craft 001

Stuff You’ll Need:

  • Construction or other card making paper of your choice
  • Create or print a label for the front of the card
  • Tea bags
  • Printable teacup (click here and here for samples)
  • And of course…a little cutie pie (or more) to design and gift it!

mother's day craft 002

Fold paper into a card. 

Design the front cover.  Let your creativity go wild.

:: smile ::

Color & cut out the tea cup.  Glue edges only leaving a little pocket to place the tea bag. 

mother's day craft 003

Give to Mommy! 


  1. This is soooo sweet!!! Love it!!!

  2. I thought of you, too! I knew you'd love it...