Monday, March 3, 2014

his easy peasy science notebook


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Recently I shared what her Science notebook looks like while we’re following Easy Peasy’s Zoology.

It’s only fair that I show you the 7th Grader’s notebook too.


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While there are less lapbooks for the older students…there are still some printables.

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My 7th Grader likes the look of layered lined paper. So he writes on loose leaf and then we cut & paste it in.

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We also like to find google images to match what we’re studying and print them out to add a little color to our pages.

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He is really enjoying this curriculum. Some of the things I’m loving are watching his face light up as he learns new things and watching him develop study habits as he’s encouraged to research independently.

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For instance, with the habitats he had to search a lot of the info out on his own.  He was SO into it too! Annoyingly into it! He’d stop and give me the play-by-play with each habitat! In love 

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A great supplement to go along with this course would be any of the Apologia zoology books.

We’re reading Swimming Creatures for our read aloud time and it’s a great addition.

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The more Easy Peasy we incorporate into our homeschool…the more we love it!




  1. Does Easy Peasy have a World History part for 7th graders? His notebooks looks like the ones we have here! We do some notes from the texts or on-line resources, some diagrams and charts, some photocopies with notes, some random things that we follow based on the information but don't always go with. It's 'fluid' and different for each child. But so much less...rules!

  2. I know she has History but we've stuck with Mystery of History here. If you go to the website along the right hand side bar she has links to EVERYTHING! I do see history there...

    I've always wanted to incorporate more notebooking but needed the structure that EP gives me to actually implement it consistently! We're all enjoying it SO much. Plus, it's a nice, neat way to track what we're learning!