Wednesday, October 2, 2013

a scenic tour of our dive into All About Spelling Level 1


My choice to use All About Spelling this year really flowed from two places.


I felt like, while she learned SO much with Abeka, she just wasn’t connecting.  Actually, she hated…loathed…dreaded…the video program.  While I’m not a total buy-in to the whole delight driven movement.  Because let’s face it…sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do.  Even if it’s the opposite of delightful.  At the same time…I don’t want her to HATE learning.  We need a little balance here!  And there are way too many raving reviews out there to ignore AAS! 






Even though I don’t homeschool him yet…I’m always thinking about when I do.  And trying to be prepared with the best curriculum choices out there to help him achieve his fullest potential.  All About Spelling is what all the cool special needs mommies go gah-gah over. 





So it seemed like a win for her-win for him.






She has a good grasp of phonics and did wonderfully with the initial assessment. 




when it came time to put the letter tiles in alphabetical order the first time…we realized that she’d forgotten how!





For the first couple lessons we used the Wee Sing & Learn ABC on the iPad.  I just had the song playing while she worked on organized the tiles. 


It only took a couple days for her to remember and request that we turn off the song already! In love




Originally I thought I would use the little magnetic board for the letter tiles.  Hmmmm.  Not so much.  It just works better to have the tiles in a long row for the lessons that have her use them to segment words.


Even on days when she’s not going to use the tiles I have her go ahead and put them in alphabetical order.  I’m all about having a “grounding” routine.  Also, I use that time to read over the lesson plan and prep for our work of the day.




Some of the phonograms with multiple sounds are tricky.  We’ve started making up little movements to help it stick in our brains.  She thought it would be a great idea to make little videos to help “other kids”.



We’ve been rolling through the Level 1 lessons.  It’s mostly been review for her up until now.




Once we had a nice routine established I started spicing things up.  Like letting her choose if she wants to write on paper or the white board.  Um.  Like that was even a choice, right?!




We’re on Step 14 in Level 1 and she’s doing wonderfully.  We’re doing wonderfully!  She’s enjoying learning together.  I’m enjoying actually teaching her this year rather than delegating her teaching to a video.  Video teaching is a wonderful tool but it was just time for us to move on.  She’s building confidence not just with spelling but also with reading.  When she stumbles on a word now I can either prompt her to segment it or even better, watch her segment on her own!  And even though it took me a minute to gather my “teacher wits” about me…I’m feeling more confident every day too!


Anyway…I know this sounds like a sponsored post.  It totally isn’t!  Although I am an All About Spelling affiliate.  In love

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  1. Thank you for those cute videos. I just ordered our all about spelling level one for my 2nd grader and we cant wait for it to get here. Watching your little girl on the video got my little ones all excited about AAS. Keep up the good work. Cant wait for more videos.