Wednesday, February 6, 2013

our MOH timeline notebook





A homeschool mommy friend saw this picture (above)  in my Homeschool FaceBook album and asked if I’d ever done a post on our notebooking timeline.



Turns out I can’t remember!





So just in case…here we goooooo…




Side Note:  I posted the pictures above as evidence that we don’t always do school in our jammies!




But it is a homeschooling perk of which we take full advantage.


:: smile ::




So History is one of our Togethers. Meaning both kiddos and mommy (ie. me) and sometimes even Trevy meet together three times a week (ideally) to explore the history of the woooooorld.


We’ve used a variety of curriculums in the past.  ACE.  Abeka.  Little Pilgrims.  And we’ve enjoyed them all and still explore history outside of our formal curriculum.  But I really wanted something that starts at the beginning and would work for us to do together.  Through my online researching I fell in loooooove with Mystery of History.



We’ve been working our way through Volume I this year.





In true Chronic Complicator form, I’d started our timeline notebooking by previewing the lessons and writing in questions and such to help expand learning.




Totally UNnecessary.




The MOH book has EVERYTHING you need! Seriously. Well, except for those cutsie timeline cut outs. I bought those on the side from their store.


Also, the 1” inch binders.  I provided those separately too.


But cross my heart, the MOH book has everything else!




The point of our timeline notebook is for an easy hands-on project to reinforce our learning.


It gives the kids a little art and we always have fun talking about whatever we’re learning.




We typically do our notebooking pages on Fridays as a review of the lessons we completed that particular week.




I have the kids cut out the appropriate timeline figure and paste it into the page. I then have them label which lesson number it goes with. We can usually fit two timeline peeps on one page.


We then fill in the empty space around the timeline figure with stuff we’d like to remember about that lesson.  It’s kinda like a memory cards and timeline Mash-up.




Sometimes I’ll get creative (see my MOH Pinterest board) and have more crafty stuff for them.  They do love the crafting thing.  But I’ve promised myself no Mommy Guilt if I can’t squeeze it in!


Plus, it’s always really fun to watch them think up creative ideas on their own!




The Timeline lives in the front of the book.




Behind the divider we store any extra printables I’ve found.




And last comes their mapwork.  We haven’t done a ton of mapping.  But they do love it whenever we work on them.  More mapwork is on my to-improve list!




We did start the year with a wall timeline.  But I wanted something more hands on so we switched to the notebooking.  I think it’s working great.  I totally see us continuing with it in the Fall.  Of course, Bristel asked me today why we aren’t doing the wall timeline anymore and how we really should.  I encouraged her to go for it on her free time!  She wasn’t impressed!   :: haha :: 





  1. Awesome! I'm glad you shared more details! Simple, effective ideas are the best! Sometimes we/I get caught up in amazing, complicated ways of doing school and it bogs us/me down. I'm not sure we'll do a notebook as the wall timeline and mapwork (with notes similar to what your kids do on them) is working. Don't fix what's not broken right? LOL But it's good to have some ideas milling around for when things hit a hiccup.

    1. You'd think by now I would have the complicating thing under control. Oh well.

      But this IS working for us...and we all enjoy it! So I ain't fixin' it!!!