Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Potty Report



We’re still not a 100% there.



But we’re making progress all the time.  Progress that I totally should be sharing because Lord knows I’ve done enough complaining.  Seriously though.  I was so hoping almost two years later we’d be done with it.  Sigh.



On to the good news though…



sometime over the last few months Trevy started doing his “doo-dee” in the potty!  The first time was during his overnight EEG last summer! 



From that first pooper in the potter…he slowly became more consistent.  Haha…potty pun. Smile with tongue out



At first, I was SO desperate to NOT have to change big boy bootay anymore that I promised him McDonald’s every time he went doo-doo.



Little smarty pants started pushing a little out at a time and would then demand “chick nunnens” five times a day!



Um, yeah, about two weeks into that mess…we had to change things up! 



Grams gave me the idea of using mini chocolate bars.  Of course, we tried chocolate already, Silly!  Trust me…two years of potty training and you’ve tried EVERYTHING!  Well, everything except using funsie magnetic surprise containers!





Which Grams donated to a good cause.




The thing that’s so great with these containers is that I can change the surprises in them to keep Trevy excited!


He gets bored super quick.


Also, we can work on colors too!  Trevor’s favorite color at the moment is red.    His favorite book is Go Dogs Go…just in case you were wondering.  Smile



Our bathroom (yes, we’re surviving with ONE bathroom for five people) is right outside our kitchen. The containers hang in view on the way into the potty.  The constant visual reminder is good for him too!




I can count on one hand the number of poopy accidents he’s had in the last two months.



The only tricky thing left is helping him TELL us when he has to use the potty.  We’re on a once an hour schedule.  If we veer from our schedule it’s not uncommon for him to have wet pants.  Actually, it’s almost as if his peep skills have regressed as his poopy skills have progressed.  He knows how to do peeps on the potty but for some reason he still hasn’t connected the need to tell us he has to go.  And even if he’s wearing undies (underneath his pull up) he’ll wet them.  Evidentially wet undies don’t bother him.  In fact, the other day he cried because he wanted to keep them on!  Silly boy!



But overall I’m happy.



You know.  In that slowly accepting that Trevy is Trevy kinda way.



And we’re just gonna keep at it.  Trying our best to be consistent.  Praising him like crazy when he’s successful.  And trying really really hard not to make a big deal out of the accidents.  Some days I’m more human than others.  In love



And I really am hopeful that it’s all GOING to click for him.



Besides, if I had to choose between the two…I’d totally rather change wet pants than poopy pants.  Sooooooooo…





  1. Great idea! We used a star chart system for Jeremiah. If he earned 10 stars for 10 poops he would get $1. Later when he was about 8 and wanted to buy something he said, "Hey mom, remember the poop chart? Can we do that again?"

    1. Cute!

      We did a piggy bank for Trevy where he earned a penny for dry pant, telling mommy he had to go and going pee pee. He LOVED shaking the piggy bank! In fact, he broke the ceramic one! LOL