Monday, December 10, 2012

Mulan kisses aren’t the kind you forget


Disney 2012 037




Trevy never ceases to amaze me.  He is so smart and funny.  Hands down he has the best hip shakin’ you ever did see.  He has this amazing memory too!  It’s just been locked behind his speech delay.  But as his speech has blossomed so has his ability to share all those little thoughts that he has always had...but just hasn't been able to express.



Tonight for instance.



I kissed him goodnight on his forehead.  His eyes glowed bright.  And he stuttered and stumbled and took a minute or two and I could tell he was trying so very hard to spit it out and that it was really important to him.  I always encourage him to slow down and take his time.  It’s important to me that he know…deep in his bones…that I’m okay with waiting for him.  That I’ll wait as long as it takes when he has something to say.  He struggled.  And that’s exactly what it is.  It’s a gritty struggle.  Physical.  Emotional.  Mind versus body.  It’s extraordinarily moving to watch if you know what you’re seeing.  And he won.  It goes against every fiber of Science.  But miracles are crazy like that.  And he won.  Finally it came tumbling out. Just one word. And yet so much more.




I knew exactly what he meant.  I knew he was remembering that Mulan kissed his forehead when we were at Disney World last Spring.  She left bright red lips behind.  He was so proud of that lip stick kiss.  Talked about it non-stop.  He made sure to show it to everyone who made even the slightest bit of eye contact.  We made sure to take lots of pictures.  Because, I mean, it was Mulan!  And have you seen him?!  He’s a perpetual Kodak moment just waiting to happen!


The thing is…we haven't talked about his Mulan kiss in aaaaaages.



He remembered.



Remembered and miraculously told me so too!





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