Wednesday, December 26, 2012

cleaning their room makes me one cranky pants mommy!



It’s the post Christmas purge.



Also, I tend to purge the house whenever we’ve been attacked by the yuckies.  And have we ever!!!!  But it seems like we’re moving towards health again.  And for some reason it always activates my nesting instinct. 



At any rate.  I’ve been busy this week trying to get the kids all situated.  We have a cozy (read: SMALL) three bedroom cape cod.  The big kids share a nice sized room on the second floor.  And because the third bedroom is on the first floor and has been converted to our school/therapy room…Trevy has a large-ish walk-in closet for a bedroom.  It’s comfy cozy. 



Because his room is so small I’ve kept his clothes in the big kids room.  It just felt easier than trying to squeeze a dresser into his already smooshy space.



But in a desire to encourage more independence from him…I moved a bookshelf in to function as a dresser.  It’s skinnier.  And I already had some cute bins to put his clothes in.  All I have to do is create cute picture labels and he’ll be good to go!  He’s already a fan anyway.  He found his sock bin and immediately got to work separating every and every pair!



You can expect a post with pictures soon.  In love



Seeing how cute and tidy his room is now inspired me to work on their room next.



Insert da da da da duuuuuuuuuum sound here.



I really have NO idea where I went wrong?!  Talk about a hit to my mommy self esteem!!!



Because, seriously, these two kids are SLOBS!!!!!



All this time I’ve patted myself on the back because I was teaching them to be responsible by trusting them to clean their own room…



only to find…



I kid you not.






Used bandaids in several drawers.  Gives me the eebie jeebies still!



Two missing library books.  Grrrrrr. 



A whole forest of crumpled paper!  Come on’, kids, I thought we were a go for being green!



All kinds of itty bitty broken junk.  I loath junk!



Clothing (which is safe to assume was NOT clean) shoved into positively every crevice imaginable!!!!  I’m totally this close to setting them up with five days of clothes and that’s it!



Oh my gosh was I steaming.  Lucky for them, my heart was still mulling over this Biblical parenting article I read this morning.  Both they still got an ear full.  Trevy too…because he happened to be standing nearby.  He’s actually really good at cleaning up after himself.  Also, all his toys are super structured and he has much less unsupervised freedom.  The big kids though?  They love the freedom of hiding away in their room playing legos…writing…reading…using their i-thingies.  And also ,evidently, wadding up paper in their free time and seeing just how many shirts they can fit behind their headboard!!!  Toby earned himself a full on laundry lesson.  Which is going to translate into laundry added to their list of chores.  I’m a softy (or is it super picky?) and have always done the washing and drying for everyone.  The kids fold and put away.  But today, after finding mountains of dirty clothes shoved every which where AND watching an unnamed child…wait make that TWO unnamed children…wipe their boogies on their shirts!!!  I decided, that’s it.  I’m delegating the washing to them too!  And Bristel earned a babysitting Trevy day!  Because it’s impossible to clean AND keep him safe. 



But it wasn’t all bad.



Even though I spent most of this post convincing you otherwise.  In love



While there were plenty of groady things found today…



I also found the funniest homemade “Spy Book”.  Evidently, Bristel fancies herself a regular Nancy Drew!



And…a beautiful two page worship song written by Toby.  SO lovely that I only wanted to throttle him half as much. 



And the best part is…their room is spic n’ span!



For today.





  1. I get that way when I clean Samantha's room. The amount of paper trash I find could be used to make many books. UGH. Plus the gross things and dirtly clothes I find! She usually ends up with many chores after I clean her room! As for making them do their own laundry I made my boys do it starting at the age of 11ish. I got tired of washing clean clothes over and over again. Samantha is on her way to doing it herself BUT Daddy does laundry and I don't want to mess with a good thing.

  2. Once a year I deep clean Samara's room. One year I remember cleaning nearly two days! I "preached" the whole time, a sermon on a mountain of trash! In the past few years, she's gotten SO much better. It could be that she discovered, if she doesn't keep her room clean, and partially organized, when she goes to camp in the spring, she comes back to find done for her. Let's just say when I do it, things go missing. Sounds mean perhaps, but nowadays her room is cleaner than mine!