Wednesday, November 14, 2012

patriot’s park



I have this tendency to over complicate things.  The irony is…I know I need less complication and more simplification!  Silly me…when I learned that my Hubs would have Veteran’s Day off this year I made grand plans.  But alas, when Veteran’s Day dawned…we were not in the mood for grand.  We needed simple!  So we decided to take the kiddos to a couple close by historical landmarks we’ve wanted to scope out for a long time but have never found the time to.


We started at Grinnell’s Beach where there is a WWI monument and then headed off to Patriot’s Park in Portsmouth.   



Patriot’s Park is SO unexpectedly rich.



You have to go there on purpose because it’s not really easy to get to.  We’ve driven past often on our way to Bristol but have never stopped to explore the park itself.


There were a lot of historical goodies to enjoy.


A detailed map and timeline are etched into the wall.  We found our community and Grams & PopPop’s on the map.  We read all the information about the first RI regiment.  The wall is inscribed with the names of all the soldiers.  Who knew Bristol was a common name once upon a time?  We ended our tour with a family prayer of thanks for those who have fought for our freedom and safety for those who are.



It was a simple and so very sweet special time with the kiddos.




Patriot’s Park is not an all day destination stop (more like 30 minutes) but I definitely think it should be added to any local history lovers (or homeschool families) to-do in RI list!


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  1. Awesome! Sometimes we miss those in town things because, well, they're IN TOWN. We've never been to our historical museum! I should make a point to take the kids sometime this year!

    1. I was really SO fun. I'll have to remind myself of that the next time I try to plan a day trip rather than just appreciate what we have nearby!


  2. That looks like a great trip, and just out of interest, we live in the other Portsmouth, the one across the Atlantic :-)