Tuesday, September 4, 2012

first day of school (and we already broke a house rule…sigh)



We successfully got Trevy up, medicated, potty-ed, fed, dressed and out the door for his first day of Kindergarten!



I don’t homeschool him because…




I can’t afford a super nanny! 


Also, he needs and receives intensive therapies through the school.  It makes sense and is easier all around.  And even though we don’t technically homeschool him…there is a lot of learning happening for him at home too!



After we waved goodbye to Trevy I asked the big kids to meet me in the schoolroom for Orientation.



An idea I totally swiped from this post!



This was not without some “issue”.  And that’s because one of my ~ahem~ darlings already broke a house rule!  I learned (the hard way) over the years that we had to nix any electronics until all our school work was done for the day.  I’m not anti-electronics.  Actually, ever since my dad told me about a study in which doctors who played more small hand held video games are better surgeons because of the fine motor development and quick reflexes…well…I decided maybe the DS isn’t of the devil.  In love  Except in the mornings.  When ‘tudeage breaks out over having to pause.  This morning being a fine example. 



My high hopes of a stress free beginning were dashed just like that.  Because I believe in “keepin’ it real” -  One of my personal goals as mommy/teacher this year is to not resort to raising my voice first.  That was a fail.  Sigh.  But His mercies are new every morning.  Every moment.  And that’s a very good thing.



I’m happy to say…things quickly turned around too.



Evidence of maturity (in all of us) happening?



And as cheesy as it might sound…we really had fun during our Orientation.  Chatting about goals.  Flipping through new (or new to us) books.  I had organized their workboxes (I’ll post in more detail on another day about those) a couple weeks ago and it was all ready to explore. 



About half way through our meeting, Toby says…



Wow, Mom, you’re really going extreme this year.






Welcome to Middle School, Buddy.  Welcome to Middle School.  Winking smile



Today is going to be a school lite day.  I have a few more pages to add to our memory books (click me to see how we’re creating portfolios this year) and we’ll start our read aloud later.  Then the plan is for Grams to meet us here so we can all go pick up Trevy from school and have a back to school celebration lunch together!





  1. It doesn't sound all bad! We've had some challenges too. I had high hopes though! ::wink:: I'm happy to say that my older two seem to be more mature, grounded and set to get things done this year. But my youngest...well...let's just say that there was a lot of "I'm not doing it! I wish ____ didn't exist!" today. I'm learning to be every patient. ::grin::

    1. I always forget how bumpy re-starting school is every fall! This is usually when I convince myself to be a year rounder. Of course, every summer I talk myself out of it!