Wednesday, August 29, 2012

our at home speech therapy tray



I am all about Montessori style trays. 



But I’ll be honest…



Trevy is MUCH less enthusiastic about the trays than mommy is!  He’s just not a fan of anything that smacks of work.  Especially lately.  He’s becoming increasingly opinionated!  But one tray he’s always excited to pull out is his Speech Tray.







He loves tickling his cheeks with Thomas and the little newborn hair brush. We do have a fancy shamancy massager…but the battery is dead.  Also, it’s easy to pop it out so I can’t keep it in there any way. For fear of a trip to the ER – because Trevy thinks pretty much everything is at least attemptable to eat.




I have a little mini basket with various whistles, straws and chewy items (minus the magnetic letters which are no longer in that basket).  Clothes pins are good oral motor work and cotton balls are cheap & fun to work on blowing exercises.  I put it on my hand and we see how far he can make it go.




I added a mirror for him to make silly faces and work on sounds at the same time.  Our mirror is magnetic which is perfect for adding magnetic letters.  The idea is that he’ll pull a letter from the bowl and work on that sound.


I had his big sister model for me because getting pictures of Trevy working is impossible!




I used to try and keep all the cards all organized and neat. Um. Yeah. Maybe I’m the crazy one?!


The binder has flashcards to work on but he has WAY more fun pulling his PECs cards out of a pencil holder and working on words that way!







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