Friday, July 20, 2012

school lite: the one where we listened to Fiddler on the Roof and pinned the capitals



Every Fall I convince myself I’m a year round school kinda girl. 



Then every Summer…I totally change my mind!



I’m so wishy washy!



I just can’t mentally handle year round hard core school.  But.  I also can’t handle being bored.  Boredom just begs for bickering.  And I can’t handle bickering either!  And since we’re broke and can’t buy our way out of boredom…School Lite it is!  In love



We don’t do anything crazy heavy though.  While Trevy is off to Summer School (he goes three days a week during the month of July) for a couple hours we might…



Listen to Isaac Stern’s Fiddler on the Roof violin solo.  But don’t be too impressed cause it wasn’t my idea…it’s just something we’re reviewing!  I have to say…it was a beautiful way to start the day!




We’ve also been talking about and reviewing the 50 States.  As postcards come in from the swap we’re participating in…we talk about that State and fill in the corresponding page of a coloring book I picked up from Target in last year’s dollar bins.




The kiddos take turns reading the info on the back.




We’re hanging the postcards on the wall as we study that state.  To review, I wrote the capitals on little sticky notes and hid them around the house.  I then asked the kids review questions and if they answered correctly they could go find a sticky note and stick it on the correct state!


That was fun and we’ll definitely do it again!




We work on a little Math.  Toby fractions.  Bristel addition/subtraction review.


We might watch Lets Make a Deal and probably wear our jammies most of the day.


Yesterday Toby read from Character Sketches.  Bristel never did read at all.  Oops.




But she did make Miss. May May (Trevy’s school aide) a chocolate sprinkled pretzel.  An idea she gleaned from flipping through my current Tastefully Simple Magazine.  It was all her own inspiration and she even modified on her own.  I didn’t have chocolate chips to melt so she asked if she could use frosting instead.  She’s totally gonna own a bakery or something someday!




We played a super fun Solar System review game and (I wanted to read a chapter too but we) had an impromptu play date.


There was a lot of down time!  Which was wonderful…





That’s how we did Summer Lite at our house yesterday.





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  1. Oh, me too! I really wanted to do some school this summer, shoring up some weak areas and finished up some texts we didn't last year, but I just CAN'T. DO. IT. *I* need a break! And if I need a break, don't the kids? We still read a lot...and we're still doing reviews (of course), but everything else has been ditched. Reviews are keeping us busy enough! (We're starting Create Better Writers on Sunday finally. Both older kids will FINALLY be home together! LOL)

    1. I know, right?! Actually...shhhhh...but we're having such a good time it makes me wish I had more unschooler in me! ;)

      I'm LOVING Create Better Writers. Really solid practical advice. Toby wrote the best sentence EVER since we started working on it!


  2. Doesn't sound so lite to me! I used to watch the original Let's Make a Deal with MOnte Hall when I had no school! Had no idea it was still on.
    Anyway---I have been given the Versatile Blogger Award and now I'm passing it on to you! check it out here

  3. I love "school lite/summer lite," Oh, and tell Bristel I love her outfit.

  4. Great blog! Lots of great info!

    New follower from TGIF Party. Love for you to stop by and return the follow when you can!