Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Randomnings–my top ten mommy smile moments this week

Bristel: Mommy, when you get married do you spend all day and night kissing?

Me: Something like that, honey

Bristel: And then kids come along and ruin it?
I was in the kitchen making "chicken nuggets"...

otherwise known as Trevy's crack

when he comes charging the kitchen gate shouting,

I homeworking! I homeworking!

I gotta admit I was afraid to see what exactly "I homeworking" could mean but I followed him anyway. He led me to the schoolroom  where a giant coloring book and crayons (which are supposed to be out of reach!) was open to a search and find and he's tracing (read: scribbling over) the letters!

I call that "homeworking" too!

In order to find the humor, I need to set the stage a little. Bristel and a friend have started a "Care Club" the purpose of which is to do acts of kindness and teach little ones how to behave.  Snicker.  She has asked me to put her hair up so the little ones (read: Trevy) won't be tempted to pull her hair. Cute, right?

On a different day, Trevy and I go outside where she and Toby are busy building something or other in the sandbox and she immediately starts telling Trevy he's not allowed.

So I say...

What happened to your Care Club? Is it only for little kids who aren't your brother?

She rolls her eyes and retorts...

Mooooooom (the way a teeny bopper might...only she's SEVEN!)

swinging her golden locks...

when my hair is down I'm NOT working!


On the list of things I don't want to hear my children frantically yelling...

"Trevy! Don't color on the door!"

Followed by…

“Ugh…too late.”


We were playing a game in the pool where the person tagged had to go under water.  Ever the lover of cause & effect, Trevy was tagging me incessantly.  So I say…

I’m gonna tag you!

To which he responds with a head shake…


too little. 


It tickled my funny bone that when we came home the sitter said she spent over an hour learning about Ancient Egypt with Bristel on the iPad.


How many 7 year old girls want to study ancient history and consider themselves a fashionista?!


(If you’re a Speech Therapist…you may want to cover your eyes for this one! Winking smile)

Trevy asked me for his binkie. I've been trying to wean him from it but in a moment of weakness (or maybe inspiration) I said... 

Let Toby take you potty and help you brush your teeth and then you can have it.

So he pattered over to Toby and asked, "Potty?" Toby was busy and replied, "in a minute".

So what did Trevy do? Well, I walked by the bathroom and found him sitting on the potty ALL BY HIMSELF! He's pulled his pants down and climbed up and made pee pee BY HIMSELF!

Um yeah, we had a Pee Pee Party!!!!

He did need help pulling his pants back up...but we can handle that for him no problem-o!


I could tell he was winding up to give a mighty hop while descending our very steep stairs so I said...

Trevor, don't you dare!

Iya fwawg!

Translation: I'm a frog

Um, not on the stairs you're not!

And he resisted the urge to hop all the way down to the very last step.  At which point he did indeed become a one legged hopping fwawg. 

Trevy was screaming bloody murder from the schoolroom.

I couldn’t get there right away so I hollered…

what’s going on in there?!

Trevy comes running, upset, with Toby yelling in the background...

Don't believe a word he says!

LOL! This is funny because even though Trevor's speech is VERY limited you'd be surprised at how much tattling can be done with single word phrases! In love


I wonder what our neighbors think when they drive by and see Trevy hanging out in our big bay window?

Our couch is right up against it and he'll climb over the back...stand on the radiator and wave at people until mommy finds him and makes him get down.

But hey, at least he has clothes on.

Most of the time.


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  1. It's so great that you were able to capture all of these moments for remembering later. I need to get back to doing that. Thanks for visiting my place.

    1. I'd always wanted to write down their funny little things but never was able to be consistent until I started blogging them. I'd actually stopped for awhile too but then my oldest was at the computer reading all the older Randomnings and was literally in stitches over some of the stuff. Seeing him all sappy and laughing really was the nudge I needed to get on the ball with it again.


  2. What a great list... and a funny one too. I had one that never kept his clothes on, no matter what the season was. Once he slipped out the front door and the little girl across the street started to yelp. Awh... I love little ones.

    1. Thanks, Jolene! I have to admit...I think it's a little hilarious when he flings to door open in his birthday suit. :P


  3. Too funny! Betty Boop makes me write lists and lists of words to circle for some reason! your post gave me a great idea- buy her a word search book! Duh! She calls frogs-"fargs!"

    1. Ha...humorous and practical. That's me! :P


  4. Aww, this made me miss my kids being that age! (mine are 11, 16 & 19)
    My son mispronounced a lot of words and it was ADORABLE.
    The first part reminded me of the movie "Sweet Home Alabama" when she said "Why do you want to marry me anyhow?" and he said "So I can kiss you anytime I want." So sweet!

    1. Now I totally need to re-watch Sweet Home! I do love this age...they're always saying funny little things. If I didn't write them down though, I'd totally forget!


  5. LOL you have your hands full!!! Don't worry about the binkie....my daughter had hers until she was seven.....yep! SEVEN!!!! We told her that a local store takes binkies for Barbie's and she fell for it, but she had hidden a spare in her chest of drawers.

    She is in college now, making the President's and Dean's list. She is brilliant!

    Linking from Mamarazzi's.