Thursday, July 5, 2012

our new 4th of July traditions plus a link to some cool Celebrate Freedom curriculum I discovered

We had such a lovely day celebrating America yesterday that we decided it’s going to be our new thing.  A family tradition is born!

Our morning started with a community reading of the Declaration of Independence on the beach.  The kids loved waving the little American flags they were given.  Jonathan whispered that he hoped we got to keep the little pocket Constitution booklets they handed us.  The lady who organized the reading was determined to have everyone read a small portion.  Which really is a wonderful idea but still.  I tried to gracefully bow out without actually saying that Trevy has special needs and may will need a movement break.  She was not gonna let me get away!  So Jonathan and I gave each other “the look” and shrugged.  Sometimes funny things happen with Trevy.  And when I say funny I don’t always mean funny like funny funny.  But funny like…I thought it was funny but maybe you or the old lady next to us wouldn’t.  For instance, Trevy being denied of his movement break decided to blow quiet raspberries while clinging to my leg.  It really wasn’t that loud but had I not been arm twisted into reading a portion I may have taken a walk with him.  As it were…my turn was coming soon.  Evidently the (ahem) mature-ish lady to my left thought he was being disruptive and shushed him in no uncertain terms.  I ignored them both.  When a minute later she suddenly passed flat out and almost took me down with her!!!  Jonathan says she rolled like a bowling ball!  I couldn’t help giving a little wink up to Jesus as I helped her (cranky butt) up and brushed her off…because it turns out she was way more disruptive than any quiet little raspberries!  That incident aside (or maybe because of) it was a beautiful, heart warming way to start our day.  We’ll definitely be there next year too – so watch out all you grey haired gals!

Because one funny is never enough…

It also happened to come up in discussion that we educate at home.  One very passionate lady says…

You do teach your children about the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, right?

I really really thought about responding…

Weeeeell…we are here…for the early morning reading of the Declaration of Independence…sooooo

But I chose grace and instead just assured her that we do.  At which point she gave me a super handy tip about free Celebrate Freedom Week curriculum.  I’m all about free curriculum.  Patriotic kind makes it even better!

I really like this one.  But you can google Celebrate Freedom Week and find other versions too.  It’ll be great for the month of November this year!

After the reading concluded, we walked with the kiddos to the shore.  Jonathan had his nose buried in our new pocket Constitution and Declaration of Independence.  The rule was they could pick no more than two special sea shells to put into our memory jar.


I happen to have red, white and blue nail polish and we came up with the idea to paint them too!

Seriously, how cute?!

Bristel painted Trevy’s for him because she is my crafty girl and mommy needs a summer break too.  Bristel is way less messy with the painting thing than Trevy! 

We capped our day at Grams and PopPop’s.  It was SO adorable that on the way over Trevy spotted a flag waving and shouted, “Merican fwag!”.  He was very excited and I was SO proud that he remembered!  Those are the moments when my heart thinks…I could totally home school him too!  My parents live within walking distance of a nice fire works show.  So Grams offered to let Trevy spend the night which would allow us to take the big kiddos.  Trevy just can’t stay up that late.  Also, he’s not a fan of loud flashing things.  Spending the night with Grams was the perfect solution!  Toby happens to be in Camp Trevy when it comes to loud flashy things.  Which means it turned out just Mommy, Daddy and Bri for the show.  She loved it!  In fact, she was pretending to be an only child!  LOL

Don’t tell her, but I was totally hoping she’d fall asleep before we had to go!  I haven’t always been such an exhausted mess.  In fact, I used to practically drag Jonathan to go do stuff!  We were all lovey dovey.  I was standing with my head on his shoulder and as we watched the sparkling sky I whispered up…

Do you miss the girl that used to beg and drag you to do all this kinda stuff?

I was feeling sappy.  And maybe a little depressed that Life has changed me so much. 

He just pulled me in closer with an emphatic…

Not a bit!


I love my boring homebody hubby!  Bristel was glowing as we walked her back to Grams’.  All the kids spent the night.  

We woke up this morning still talking about what a beautiful daywe had and how we’re gonna do it all again next year…



  1. Love the old lady story! Glad you had a good holiday and that you have a hubby that loves you!

  2. Sounds like a magical day! What are you doing with blue nail polish? haha! Awesome! Glad it was a super memorable day!

  3. Hahahaha...good question! What AM I doing with blue polish?!?!