Sunday, July 15, 2012

the dog days of summer (weekly wrap)



In my life this week…


It’s the dog days of summer around here. 


Basketball camp for him, swim camp for her, summer school for Trevy, enrichment (or review products In love) for all, baseball tournies for our AllStar, trips to the beach and Grams’ house for a swim.  I love lazy (or is it crazy?) summer days!  Even though we still do school lite during the summer…it’s so much more relaxed.  And I have totally needed pressure free time to gather my homeschool (and just plain old) mommy wits and prep for next year.




In our homeschool this week…


We’re using the summer months to focus on wrapping up projects we didn’t quite finish during the school year and working through products we’re reviewing.  The only real curriculum (meaning non-product review) that we didn’t finish up was Exploring Astronomy.  So we’re still plugging along in it.  If you’re planning to or already using Apologia’s Exploring Astronomy you might be interested in my Solar System pin board.  Lots of great ideas including Red Ted Art’s Blog ah-mazing ideas for solar system crafts!  We’re also finishing up our volcano project.  The kids had such a blast experimenting with the right explosion formula this week…



We learned that the ratio of vinegar to baking soda made all the difference in explosion size.  And also, that when it comes to food coloring…less is MORE!



Helpful tips to share…


I’m always looking for good movies to add to our Netflix que.  Just in case you are too…here’s some that we have lined up:


Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey!

The Patriot (we already watched this one and decided to let our oldest join us)

How Smart are Animals?:NOVA Science

The Velveteen Rabbit

Back to the Secret Garden

God of Wonders

Space Dogs


Because all of our family units are unique…be sure to check out Plugged In to see that the movies I mentioned are good choices for your family!



My favorite thing this week was…



Definitely the beach!


Bristel learned how to boogie board!


And Tobes learned how to go “crabbing”.  I had no idea there were so many creepy crawly things on the ocean floor with us!  Just waiting to nibble little tootsies!



Things I’m working on…



Getting all my curriculum for next year planned and purchased.  Also creating a better binder.  Oh Boy, do I need to get more organized! 



Although after hem hawing for ages…I’ve finally decided to go with Spelling Work Out for both kids this year.  Shew.  One thing down!



I’m reading…


I borrowed The Well Trained Mind from my library and I don’t just love it…









this book!  In fact, it’s already added to my CBD cart just waiting for me to finish my check out!  If you’re homeschooling and haven’t read it yet…you really need to!  It’s just chalk full of practical advice and suggestions.  How did I manage without it?






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  1. I LOVE the phrase, "School Lite!" That's so us in the summer! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope it encouraged you!

    1. OK, now I've read through lots of your blog and lots of Trevy's. All I can say is wow! I have a son on the autism spectrum but is more normal than special needs most days AND I ask God what he was thinking when he thought I could raise Caleb. The hard times are so hard that I am often too emotionally sapped to enjoy the good times. You must have some pretty - oh what's the right word here - rip roaring conversations with God too! I know God can handle my honesty cause he knows what I'm thinking anyway, but I feel disrespectful to him sometimes. We miss out on things in life, but not Tanzania! Dang! I loved all your writings and brutal honesty...even the brain pics! I'm that way too. No beating around the bush. I think that kind of honesty in a person happens when a diagnosis bigger than a chocolate bar and a pepsi is given. When the doctor gives a diagnosis that was not even in your vocabulary the day before and tells you "there is no quick fix for this" and don't expect to get an ADHD med and be on your way with this kid kind of life style changing diagnosis, That's when the old personality is overcome by something much more super hero ish power that you never imagined was burried deep in your soul. OK, I'm rambling. :O) Anyway, I love your blog, I love your family and just for the record, in case your kids are in sibling therapy for kids who live with a kiddo with a big diagnosis, You're NOT alone. My kids are too!

    2. I NEED to get them in sibling therapy! We have a local Charis counseling center and I've called and left a message and then never followed through. Ugh...

      I sometimes feel worried about sharing so openly. More for the other parents who are holding little babies and hoping the journey will be miraculous. Sometimes miracles come in different shades...but it's hard to digest that in the beginning. Ya know.

      Anyway...thank you for all the comment love! You totally made me smile!


  2. Sounds like summer is moving right along for you! When does school HEAVY start up again? LOL We're starting back either the Tuesday after Labor Day or the 10th. It will depend on our plans for my oldest! There may be BIG changes around here!

    Are you doing Apologia Botany next? That's what we're doing in the fall. The 2 oldest have done in before, but now middle and youngest will do it together. Botany is MY favorite!

    1. Hahaha...well, I was trying like crazy to think of a fun name for "summer skills" and came up with school lite! It's really more for my friends that think I'm a nut job to keep working through the summer. :) School "heavy" will start sometime in the fall. On a date yet to be determined. Because I can't find Trevy's schedule off hand! (rolling my eyes at myself!) I like to have Toby and Bri's schedule follow Trev's as closely as possible. Makes my life SO much easier!

      Oh...and we're on to Anatomy in the Fall. You'll have to post all your Botany ideas when we get there I don't have to work so hard! :P


  3. Loved the video, so fun! Looks like you're having a great summer so far :-)

    1. My kids are WAY more excited about experiments than I am! :P


  4. Linking up from covered ing race. I will have to keep checking you out, as I am a homeschooling mom too.=) Cheers!

  5. Sounds like you guys are definitely keeping busy this summer! I'm impressed! I'm happy to be your newest follower via the Mom's Mingle, and would love a visit back at! :)

    1. Super cute blog you have! Following you back. :)


  6. Hi there! I'm stopping by from the Monday Blog Hop and am now a new follower:) Would love for you to stop by Crazy Mama Drama!