Tuesday, June 12, 2012

say goodbye and mean it






My stars…how did it fly by so quickly?



These past five years.



He’s FIVE!



When did he get so big?



My baby.  My sweet baby.  He has lived a lifetime already.  At times the days seem to creep by.  Drip drip dripping along.  Inch-stoning our way forward.  Then suddenly, I’m sitting in an IEP meeting and we’re planning for…









I don’t know about you…but I often hear negativity swirling around special ed services.  Therapists.  Teachers.  Aides.  Some of it very valid.  I carry a chip or two with specific names on my shoulders as well.  But the thing is…



each of these people have played a role in Trevy’s life these past two years.  Each of them has left a little mark in his life.  One or two has helped me grow into a better advocate.  Personality conflicts aside, I do believe everyone in Trevy’s life cares about him.  In their own way. 



I don’t usually get all crafty with the gifting.  A)  I just don’t have the energy.  B)  We just don’t have the mulah.  C) I’m just really not that crafty.  I want to be.  I’m in awe of the girls who are.  But my go-to gift is a couple lotto tickets shoved hastily into a Christmas card.  It’s affordable and fun. 



But this is different.



This is Kindergarten.



And I genuinely wanted to say goodbye.  And mean it.  With the help of some friends, here’s what I came up with…





10-slipnslide, trevys flowers, creation review 010


A purple (for epilepsy) flower ($1.50 each at Home Depot).  I wanted a perennial that would grow back year after year and forever remind the recipients of Trevy.  But these annuals were just too perfect.  Hopefully, they’ll still think about him without the garden reminder.


11-slipnslide, trevys flowers, creation review 011


The plan was to add a Trevy hand or foot print thank you note with each flower.


12-slipnslide, trevys flowers, creation review 012


He had fun helping me squeeze the paint out.  I let him choose the color.  How funny that he choose purple (for epilepsy)!



I already had the construction paper and the finger paints.


13-slipnslide, trevys flowers, creation review 013


He enjoyed the first foot print.



But that was where the joy ended. 



After that, it got a little primal.  No joke, it was like wrestling a greased pig!  He wanted none of it!  There were little purple running away foot prints all over the yard!  We live on the coast with perpetual wind.  Just when I’d have him headlocked and lathered with paint again…along came a breeze to wisk away the construction paper.  Stress buckets.  I was sweating and he was shouting his protests at me!  I think he was trying to tell me that he wasn’t in the mood for sensory input!



:: grin ::



14-slipnslide, trevys flowers, creation review 014


To bad so sad, I said.



We needed to get these &$^# goodbye gifts done, by golly!  And we needed to mean it!


17-slipnslide, trevys flowers, creation review 017


I succeeded at last!



I do outweigh him.



Although the hand prints didn’t come out quite as nice.  He’s very good at the quick angry slap.


16-slipnslide, trevys flowers, creation review 016


Can you believe I rewarded the little stinker pot with a popsicle?


:: wink ::


1-trevy's teachers gift 001


After the prints had dried.  And he was snug as a bug in bed.  I cut out all the prints that were salvageable. 


2-trevy's teachers gift 002


Added little heart felt thank you notes. Taped them on a clothspin. And clipped them to the pots.


3-trevy's teachers gift 003


Good bye, Preschool…



Hello, Kindergarten!



Don’t mind me, I’m just over here letting my sappy leak all over the place…





  1. Do you have a color copier/printer? Next time, one handprint/footprint is enough. Just do it on colored cardstock and copy it onto more! I know, not quite the same as acutal prints, but it sure is a TON easier!

  2. Those are so adorable. I had to laugh at how you descried the whole process of making them. Yes next time use a copier or trace the hand and footprint then use that as a stencil to cut as many as you need. So much easier. But doing that you wont have this funny story to share!

    1. Yesterday, I wasn't laughing. But today I'm seeing the humor in it!

      You're right though. I totally need to do it again just so I have good story material. ;)


  3. This was such a cute post. :) You outweigh him! PA HA HA HA They look beautiful!