Thursday, June 7, 2012

how to charm your grounding rods



You know those nasty looking metal rods that stick out of the ground around your house?



Supposedly the purpose is legit.  Grounding rods or something like that, says the Hubs.  Which I guess is important. 



reading street and garden 004



But they look like they’re suited for more ominous ends.



Gouging out eyes.



Impaling unsuspecting little running with abandon bodies.



Before you start panicking– the kids are fine.



But those stinkin’ rods send  my worry wart into over drive.  My kids are addicted to running around with abandon.  We have 3 metal poles sticking above ground around the perimeter of our cape cod.  I like to emphasize cape cod because I think it’s the most charming of house styles.  We have an older fixer upper-ish house…I emphasize the charm where I can so I don’t get overwhelmed by the still-need-to-do list!



  :: smile ::



Those rods are anything but charming, though.  And my clever Hubster came up with a great idea to make them safe and maybe…just maybe…even charming too!



Here’s what we did…


reading street and garden 007



Most outdoor garden pots have a perfectly grounding rod sized hole in the bottom.  If you have the right equipment, you can always drill a hole yourself.  We actually did that last year with plastic pots.  But we wanted something a little easier on the eye.



So we bought new pots at Christmas Tree Shop for just $7ish bucks each.



reading street and garden 005


Fill the pot with soil.


reading street and garden 006


Depending on how creative and/or green your thumb is…



choose plants to fill them.



I opted for a mature tomato and zucchini plant.  They were just $10 bucks each at Walmart.  And since I’m not gifted with growing things I thought my luck would be better if I opted for plants that are flowering already.


reading street and garden 008


Enlist the help of any little people you might have on hand.



I assure you, they will LOVE getting dirty!


reading street and garden 009




reading street and garden 011


No more nasty metal rods just waiting for a 911 moment to happen.  Replaced now with what I hope will be some yummy home grown veggies!


reading street and garden 012


It’s the perfect solution for us!


reading street and garden 013


I also convinced the Hubby that we needed to plant flowers in the old mailbox that still lives, no longer used for mail, by our front door.



Cute…don’t you think?


reading street and garden 014




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  1. I love your mailbox filled with flowers. Such a cute idea!