Wednesday, June 6, 2012

ABC desk (an iPad app review)


ABCDESK is not just super adorable it’s also educational and slightly addicting!


iPad Screenshot 1


It took me a beat to figure out that the little rings could be tugged to pull down more features or pushed to eliminate some of the screen clutter. 


Actually, I’m pretty sure it was the kiddos that figured it out!


The graphics are sweet and I love how the toy box fills with a variety of items for curious fingers to explore.  It kept the kiddos entertained for several minutes in a row.  Which if you ask me is a win! 


iPad Screenshot 2


There is a lesson creator as well.  I fiddled around with it but to be honest, I’m lazy.  And since we were having fun with the pre-made lessons I never really took advantage of that feature.


iPad Screenshot 5


Overall, we really enjoyed playing with ABCDESK.  It’s a great little app!



Available in iTunes for $2.99.






**Disclaimer – I was given an iTunes credit towards purchasing this app in exchange for my honest and timely review.  All thoughts expressed here are my honest own.  I received no other compensation.**

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