Thursday, May 31, 2012

target: recognizing family



I have a bad habit.



I print things out.  With the best of intentions. 



The get stacked neatly on my desk.  Other paper work gets stacked neatly on top of that.  Before long, my pile is too big to manage so I hide it in a drawer.  Where I promptly forget all about my good intentions (among other things lost in the paperwork abyss).  Eventually, I’ll get around to cranky-cleaning stuff out.  Clutter makes me cranky.



Which is how I stumbled across one of the most adorable (and FREE) printable mini-books.  Evah! 



Daddy, Daddy

Who Do You See?


by Katie Yeh of



Otherwise known as my fave Speech Therapy website.  In love




  daddy daddy book 001

I had printed it out who knows when ago.  And then stacked, stashed, and forgot all about it.  Until I could take the stuffed drawers no more and found it again!




daddy daddy book 002


I am trying to change my forgetful (thyroid brain) ways.  So this time, I promised myself I was actually going to put it together!  I kept moving it to the top of the stack until I finally put it together!



Aren’t you proud of me?



daddy daddy book 003

I even got a little creative and added our own faces to the pre-made figures. 

But only because I knew it would make Trevy giggle.  His giggle is my addiction.  Truth be told though, it made Bristel and me giggle as we glued them together too!



daddy daddy book 004

I also laminated the pages and people (using painter’s tape to make them moveable).  But again, you don’t have to.

I’m just one a those crazy home school mommies…I laminate everything. Smile


Trevy is very into books and his family right now.  One of his ABA targets is family members.  He has mommy and daddy down pat.  Brother and sister…not so much.  Which is cute…buuuut…  I’m predicting we’ll use this book quite a bit over the next few weeks.



In fact, I can’t wait for him to come home from school so we can snuggle up and read it together!



And of course, I had to share this sweet little book just in case you have a little one who is working on recognizing family members too!





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