Friday, May 25, 2012

Dressing Skills (a Your Therapy Source review)






My goal for Trevy in all things.



With Toby and Bristel, I didn’t have to actually teach them how to dress and undress.  The just learned how on their own.  Their little bodies have always obeyed their little whims.  And maybe Trevy would (in his own time) learn how to dress himself too?  But part of my role as his mommy and cheerleader is helping him along.  In practical ways.  By studying his abilities and areas that need more guidance. I know that he struggles with motor planning, for instance.  Meaning, he might know what he wants to do but he can’t quite figure out how to make his body do it.  His brain and his body aren’t in sync all the time.  



Which is why I loved the idea of this Dressing Skills e-book (just $4.99) by Your Therapy Source!



From their website:


Dressing Skills
is a 24 page booklet that provides visual directions of how to:

  • put on a shirt
  • put on pants in standing
  • put on pants in sitting
  • put on a coat
  • put on a coat with the flip method.

The pictures and step by step directions are either 3" by 5" images or 2" by 2" images.  Using task analysis, each dressing skill has been broken down into simple steps.  Create visual sequences for the children to follow along each step of the task.  Also included is a tip sheet on how to teach dressing and a small book to read entitled "I Can Dress Myself".



   Lots of practical step x step tips  for mommy (or daddy or grandma or…).  Ideas that help me understand how to help him motor plan.  Can you believe I didn’t really know that developmentally children learn how to strip before they learn how to dress?  I mean, I certainly remember how frustrating it was to keep my 2 year old daughter in a stitch of clothing.  But it never occurred to me that she was instinctively developmentally moving towards self dressing.



Click me to download sample pages from the book.



Trevy's March Trays 014


Also included in the e-book is this adorable little mini-book printable. If you have a Bristel (crafty sibling), it’s a great way to incorporate them too!  Bristel did all the cutting and pasting plus the wording is SO easy that she can read the book to her brother!  She loves anything involving playing teacher.  He loves anything involving her playing with him!  In love 




I have a Dressing Skills tray in his trays right now!  Using a doll to practice dressing skills on was a fabulous tip from the book! 



Trevy's March Trays 013 



The best news is that Trevy is making progress!  He can’t dress himself entirely independently yet…but he’s getting there!



I definitely recommend the Dressing Skills e-book to any parents who are working towards independent dressing!






**disclaimer: I was given a free copy of this download and though a review was not expected or required in return, I enjoyed it so much that I decided to review it!**


***double disclaimer: learning to remove clothing prior to being potty trained may or may not provide opportunities to paint walls or spray furniture.  Based on my real life Trevy adventures. In love***


  1. Those are all wonderful ways to teach this! :) What a neat mama you are.

    1. Thanks! It's funny how I need to be taught how to teach him in so many ways! I'm so happy we live in the day/age of Pinterest and e-book and all these wonderful resources at our finger tips! :)