Thursday, May 17, 2012

American Girl Celebration at Barnes & Noble this Friday

bristel's birthday and more 009

We made a BIG deal out of her first American Girl experience.  On her 6th birthday (she’s 7 now) we trekked to the American Girl Doll store in Boston.

bristel's birthday and more 012
It was SO fun!
She picked Kanani because who doesn’t love that beautiful hair?!  Which btw is super hard to keep beautiful!  (sigh)

She’s in a “take Kanani with me everywhere” phase.  Which is why I’m so excited that our local Barnes & Noble is hosting an American Girl Celebration this Friday night! 

Click me for more details.



  1. Oh how we love our American Girl Dolls here too! We live in Knoxville, TN, so when we were in Atlanta, GA earlier this year, we got to go and visit The American Girl store there. I do believe my girls were in heaven...and their Mama was too... ;0)

  2. The store was AH-mazing! I wish we lived closer. But then again...if Barnes & N will start hosting parties it may be better. Less traffic and cranky people! ;)

    btw...if your girls have iPod touches we could set up an American Girl FaceTime play date!


  3. The pictures of Bristel are so beautiful!! Samantha is already saving up to go back to the American Girl Doll Store. It was so much fun. She went to bed thinking about tomorrow's American Girl Doll Celebration! Thank you for letting us know about it. And for the hair the only way we have found to keep it manageable is to keep it braided. The hairstylist at the New York store told me that with Kanani's hair its the only way. She said that they see so many more Kanani's come in for the hair than any other doll

  4. Hi Danielle,
    Stopping by from KBN. I've been here before! I remember clicking on your picture of Trevvy, clearly remember those words "click him to see why he's kind of a big deal". And he is. What an amazing cutie.
    We love AG, too, and had my daughter's 6th birthday there as well last month. So fun! Glad to know B&N has some AG events. I'll check out the stores in my area to see if they have any here in Northern Virginia.

  5. Hi Julie!

    I'm sure it varies store to store...but we had a blast at our AG celebration! They even served little treats and punch. It was just a wonderful time! Totally give it two thumbs up!

    Also, my hubby is from Northern VA originally. He's a huge Baltimore O's fan. :)