Thursday, April 12, 2012

Christian Kids Explore Chemistry (a TOS review)


Science is one of those subjects that scares me just a lil’ bit.



Oh…I loved Science as a school kid.  Especially all things involving animals and anatomy.  I just knew I wanted to be a vet when I was little.  I’d try to nurse bees who’d lost the stingers back to health.  Snuggle every stray creature I happened upon.  But Physics?  Chemistry?  Unh uh!  Made my knees knock! 



And in some ways still does.  It’s one of my homeschool mommy insecurities.









Bright Ideas Press offers more than Science products too!  I highly encourage home educators to snoop around their website and explore all the various options.



But today – we’ll be chatting about Chemistry.







Christian Kids Explore Chemistry ($39.95) is one of four different Science curriculums in the Christian Kids Explore series.  You can also purchase a separate resource cd (on sale $9.95) to help making copies easier.



It was like the Author’s “Don’t Be Afraid!” and “Don’t Be Intimidated” notes were written just for me!



And it wasn’t just empty words either.  Everything is super organized and easy to understand.  In fact, they even tell you how much time to plan for per lesson and recommend how many times you should teach Science per week!  How did they know I’d need my hand held?!  In love



In this curriculum (target: 4th-8th grade) you’ll find 30 lessons divided into 5 different unit studies.  Covering topics like The Basics of Chemistry and Atoms.








Click me to read the table of contents.


I love that vocab is incorporated into each unit study!  Because it’ll make us all sound smart.  Also, I’m a fan of anything that saves me time and brain power!  I love that there is a listing of materials (click here to get an idea of materials you’ll need) needed for the hands-on projects.  The kids love wearing their safety goggles (aka sunglasses) and lab coats (aka robes) for experiments.  Because looking like a mad scientist makes everything more fun!



We did not have a chance to fully explore this curriculum during our review but I’m in love with it!  In fact, I intend to use Christian Kids Explore Chemistry as our primary Science next year!  And everybody knows…if you give a mom a curriculum she loves…chances are she’ll be purchasing the rest of the set too!



Christian Kids Explore Chemistry definitely gets two thumbs up from our fam.






**Disclaimer:  As a member of the TOS Crew, I received a pdf version of this product in exchange for my honest and timely review.  All opinions expressed here are my very honest own.  Click here to see what other TOS reviewers thought of this product.**

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