Sunday, February 19, 2012

whiteboard play (the one where he spells his name, counts to five and gets angry with the alphabet)


If I’ve said it once…



I’ve said it a gazillion times.



I image my whiteboards!





I don’t want it to be too busy.  But busy enough to keep him interested.  My hope is that working together on these skills will spark some independent play!



A girl can hope, right?





Trevy’s Team (mommy, Miss. ABA, Miss. Preschool, Miss. HBTS, Miss. May May and more…) are concentrating on spelling his name.


Notice I have drawn the letters in for him.


He cannot spell his name without the visual prompts…but he’s getting the idea that these letters are very important! Smile




I found this great simple little counting sheet and thought it would work perfect on his white board!  (mommy hint: it’s a printable freebie!)  I happened to have magnets already…but you could easily make your own with character stickers or whatever.  I just stuck it in a page protector sheet and taped it to the board.  




Bristel and I created the cutest little Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree out of flannel scraps.  I’m very proud of my tree.  Seeing that I’m not crafty gifted. 


I just taped the pieces to our white board.  But I like it so much I think I might hot glue it into one piece.


I used a dry erase crayon to write A B and C around the tree.  We’ll be adding D soon!




Bristel (she is craft-istically gifted!) made the cutest little angry birds pointers.  I printed a couple coloring sheets.  She colored them.  Cut and taped to colored pencils. 



Trevy looooooves whacking the letters with his angry bird!





  1. What a GREAT idea about those Angry Birds! And I LOVE my white boards too! Yeah, multiple...including some that are in the drawer, still packaged. :D

  2. Duh, who wouldn't want to whack letters with an Angry Bird? ;0)

  3. The angry whacker is the best!