Friday, February 24, 2012

Reading Eggs (a TOS review)





As mommy of a new-ish reader I’m always on the look out for reading resources.



The chance to play with Reading Eggs has been such a joy!





So What is Reading Eggs?


Developed by skilled teachers, writers and web developers, Reading Eggs is an online phonics based reading program which can be used for beginning learns and beyond. 


Your child will earn Golden Eggs as they move through their lessons.  They can then spend their Eggs in Reggie’s Shop.  For my 1st Grader, this was a great motivator!  Because, really, what little girl doesn’t like to buy things! Winking smile 


An assessment test (screen shot pictured above) will determine the best program fit for your child(ren).





You can read a complete break down of the lessons by clicking here


Or even better go ahead and Try A Sample Lesson!





How Much Does it Cost?


You can try it out for FREE




After that, Reading Eggs offers different pricing scales based on your needs. 



A 12 month purchase is $75 per student


A 6 month purchase is $49.95 per student


(there is a 50% family discount for 12 & 6 month subscribers)


For the non-committal types Reading Eggs also offers a month by month option.



Click here for full pricing details and more info on supplemental packages offered. 






What Do We Really Think?



Mommy (that’d be me:) really really liked Reading Eggs.  The graphics are adorable.  The lessons engaging.  And most importantly…it kept her occupied so I could work on other things for a few minutes!



The 1st Grader (she’d be the guinea pig) gives Reading Eggs two thumbs up too!  Her favorite part is earning the Golden Eggs.  Her second favorite part is spending them!



The Preschooler (he’d be the wild man) also gives Reading Eggs two thumbs up!  He didn’t have a subscription but still had a blast watching his sister’s lessons on the tube.  Our computer speakers don’t work so we have to use our HDMI equipped tv when we need to listen.  Trevy was a big fan of spying on his sister’s Reading Eggs time!





Would I Buy Reading Eggs?





It makes sense for my family.  My early reader needs all the practice I can provide her. And she loooooves Reading Eggs so I would totally purchase a longer subscription.






**This is my little place to disclaim, as part of the TOS Crew, I was given a subscription to Reading Eggs in exchange for my honest and timely review.  All thoughts expressed are my own.  I received no other compensation.**


  1. My youngest has tried this a couple of times. Our free trial is going to expire soon. :(

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