Monday, February 27, 2012

the chore chart that lives on the chalkboard that hangs in the mudroom



Our newest (we’re determined to try them all!) chore system is Pinterest inspired by this super cute printable.



I loved the printable…but alas, I’m a bit of an ink scrooge.  So I decided to modify by using what I already have.  The chalkboard was already hanging in the mudroom.  I was using it to write lists and things.  No real purpose.  And nothing that can’t be handled elsewhere. 



new 011



So I had the kiddos help me clean the bathroom today.  My goal is to have them soon able to fly these tasks solo.  But for now…they need mommy guidance. 



After we’d thoroughly wiped, scrubbed, swept and restocked everything…



my daughter turns and thanks me for teaching her how to do this because…



“It’ll come in very useful someday when I’m a grown up!”







Happy Homeschooling!




  1. Nice! Help around the house is always appreciated! I write mine on a whiteboard! Nothing like erasing something to give me and the kids a sense of accomplishment! :)

  2. You know this is an excellent idea! Now my boys will hate me now after tomorrow. LOL

  3. Rut Roh, Carole! Hopefully they don't ban you from my blog! ;)