Monday, January 30, 2012

my 1st Grader’s too many cups left in too many places fix


If your kids drive you bonkers with using a bazillion cups and leaving them in a bazillion places during the day…



then my daughter’s idea may help you out too!





We were having issues with not just several cups being used…



but where they were being left too!



Trevy’s super cute.  But if he dumps a glass of water on the computer keyboard it will still fry it!  He has a dumping obsession.  In love



So just labeling cups has been a fail for us. 





A fail which I mutter about often!  My daughter was eavesdropping my mommy griping (under my breath) the other day…



And she came up with the perfect solution for our family!



Everyone has their own (we sharpie-d initials) coaster!  Which will live in the kitchen.  On a particular countertop.  Far far away from the gate which keeps the monster out.  Seeing that Trevy’s arm span now reaches a counter top over the gate. Smile with tongue out





Piled for photo purposes.  When not in use they stay as shown in the first picture.  When in use…they are in a straight side by side line.  Nice n’ tidy in a non-mommy-bonker driving position!



We implemented this last week and so far it’s going woooooonderfully! 





  1. Great idea! I might just have to round up some coasters and try this out! We did the name thing, but that didn't work for us too. What I'm finding frustrating is that they can go through 30 cups in a day! I don't like doing dishes! ;)

  2. What a little homemaker in the making! :)