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Kinderbach (a TOS review)




If you have a Kinesthetic (and aren’t they all really?) Learner in your home…



and you’ve been looking for a good foundational music curriculum that will help them really engage in the music making process. 



Then Kinderbach might be exactly what you’re looking for!



By using catchy tunes and adorable characters, Kinderbach makes learning music fundamentals F-U-N! 





Mommy Warning: 

You may find yourself humming Dooooodi Doooooodi all the live long day! Winking smile



The Basics

  • Kinderbach offers programs for both classroom and home learning.  There are gobs of specials going on right now!  Hurry and check them out before the sales end!  In fact, click here to find a 40% Kinderbach at Home for new subscribers! 
  • There are price points for just about everyone!  Including a free online trial.  Other price packages include online lessons for just $19.99 a month!  Or buy a whole year of online memberships for $95.98.  You can also purchase dvd sets if that’s more your style.  Right now ALL the dvd sets are on sale! 
  • Kinderbach’s curriculum is aligned with MENC National Standards for Pre-K (but don’t let the pre-K fool you, this is really really terrific for any child that has never had foundational music training!) with learning that will translate to any instrument the child is drawn to in the future! 
  • Lessons include music vocab, learning to read notes, rhythm , physical technique, “do re me” singing, listening skills, music composition and most important FUN! 
  • Click here to read each level’s scope and sequence broken down for easy to digest decision making.  
  • And some of my favorite news – Kinderbach Level 1 is now compatible for iPad-ing!      






So maybe you’re less interested in the details and more interested in our experience?



Our Test Drive


Right from the first lesson my two youngest were totally engrossed! 



Apologies for Trevy in his skivvies.  It’s a potty training thing! In love  They must have watched this “Hi-Lo” video a gazillion times! 



Both of my Littles fell in love with the characters!  And loved the coordinating coloring sheets. 



I love that the program is iPad friendly (this is NEW) because having the iPad right at the piano works perfectly for us!  I know the company is looking into developing an app.  For me…this can’t happen soon enough!  



kinderbach 001

(colored letters are from a different Special Needs music curriculum Grams is working on with Trevy)



I really really really love everything about Kinderbach!  It’s just so wonderful on so many levels.  I would highly recommend it to any one!  Especially, to my fellow Special Needs mommies and daddies out there.  It is SO musically rich and visual that it’s the perfect fit for families who can’t afford traditional music therapy or classes for their kiddos! 








There were really only two things that I would critique.  



1)  The voice over was often drowned out by the piano.  We had trouble hearing the words at times.  Of course, you can download or purchase the song book to help.  But in a perfect world, you wouldn’t have to.  




2)  The very first time we used our account we were locked out.  I emailed support and received a response immediately.  Evidently, there is a limit to the number of IP addresses allowed per account.  I believe they did open the restriction because it prevented me from being able to use my PC and my iPad.  That was a little annoying.  And while I do understand their desire for account users to not share info with 30 of their closest friends (which would be stealing!), at the same time, part of the beauty of online curriculums is being able to access them anywhere we go or from any of our devices.  Most homes today have multiple devices (PC, iPad, iPod, laptop, etc).  And most homeschoolers will go to Grams’ house every now and then and might want to Kinderbach for her too! 



But even with my two critiques…I am still in love with Kinderbach!  And so thankful that we were given a chance to review this program!







**This is my little place to disclaim, as part of the TOS Crew, I was given a sample of Kinderbach’s online curriculum in exchange for my honest and timely review.  All thoughts expressed are my own.  I received no other compensation.**

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