Thursday, January 19, 2012

b-d confusion tips

The question of b-d confusion came on on a FB group I belong to the other day.  The funny thing is…my 1st Grader struggles, but I never thought to ask for tips!  I guess I was just thinking she’d out grow it.  And maybe she will.  But in the mean time there are some super duper ideas to help wrap her little mind around the difference!

One idea is to print out this bed poster and have your child use their fingers to make the letters b and d. 

Below is another great visual from  Come Together Kids.

Or you can have your child write the word “bed” and then draw themselves sleeping in it.  How cute is that?! 

Clever and cute always make the best combo!



  1. It's funny, but when Noah was in first.. and even second grade I'd catch glimpses of him sneaking his hands under his desk or books to do this very thing.. to make sure he had the right way!

  2. I am kind of new to the blogging world and just found your blog! I love it! Especially the playground page you set up for your little ones! I just had to borrow the idea. also Love this idea, need to teach it to my son who in 6th grade still gets confused at the letter directions. anyway we just started following you through GF check us out at

  3. Such a simple fix and yet it never occurred to me! :)

    Brandy...thank you so much! Your blog-liments made my night! Followin' you back. :)


  4. These ideas are good but it means the child has to put down the pen or have the picture at hand. Why not try the unique mnemonic outlined in the book Bertie Bumble Bee:Troubled by the letter b. a brilliant device the child can keep in his/her head!

  5. Kay...I tried to find a copy at my local library with no success. I do product reviews though...if you'd like to share a copy with me I'd be happy to review it for you. :)



  6. Hi Danielle I would be happy to send you a copy. Just let me have your address.
    All the best