Thursday, December 1, 2011

printable nativity project



We’re enjoying unusually warm weather lately.  Typically by this time of year, I’m complaining that we live in the arctic. 



The thing with warm-ish weather is that it tend to make it hard for the kiddos to concentrate on academics.  Mommy too.  In love



So today we started with a fun crafty project (thanks to Amy over at Are We There Yet?) instead of the run of the mill Math First rule.



nativity 002


I was going to have Trevy help color…


…but since I procrastinated time got away from me and I need it done today I opted to just let the big kids at it.


nativity 003


Random but Cute:  Bristel made that little wreath on the table out of garland scraps she salvaged before daddy could toss em’.  Smile


nativity 004


I’ll cut the pieces out to be laminated while they work on their CORE subjects.


nativity 005


I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to use the pieces on a flannel graph background or with magnetic tape on the whiteboard or even painter’s tape (because I happen to have some handy and it’s awesome and doesn’t damage walls or other surfaces that I’m prone to sticking things on and that totally makes the Hubster happy).



But any way we do it…I know it’ll be fun!  Hands on Projects are the best. 



Click here for directions on how to print your own Advent Calendar




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  1. I love the Advent wreath! And thanks for the links to wonderful free printables! I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:

  2. this looks like fun, gonna print them out for my kids to do:) thanks for sharing them

  3. I think I might have just unknowingly commented on another blog of yours? (Ok I knew I commented, just didn't know it was yours LOL)Thanks again for the linky love!