Thursday, November 17, 2011

time timer in 3D and iPad app versions (a TOS review)

If you have a child in Special Education, chances are you’ve heard the word Time Timer come up once.  Or a thousand. 

Chances are there’s a Time Timer hanging out in your child’s classroom.  There certainly is in Trevy’s.  We’re using it to help him understand the concept of centers.  And staying in a specific center for a specific amount of time.  And it’s working! 

We use a Time Timer at home too.  It helps to keep him on task when we’re working on his Montessori Trays.

And it’s not just for Trevy either.  It helps with the big kids too!  We’re a very visual family.  Watching the red face slowly disappear is just what we need!

I know I totally sound like an infomercial right about now.  But when I love something this much…I’ve just gotta share it with other parents that might be needing something to love this much too!

good day plates and piano practice 006

good day plates and piano practice 007 

You can buy the 3D version of Time Timer here.  Prices vary based on size. 


You can purchase the iPad app for just $1.99

Personally, I think it’s a good idea to have both options.  One of the best mommy tools I have!

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**this is where I disclaim that I was given a free Time Timer as part of my role with the TOS Crew.  In return I promised to give an honest and timely review.  I received no other compensation**


  1. Oh I am so looking into this for my two. I am tired of fighting them to get their math done in a reasonable time frame. Off to check out how much it costs right now:) Thanks for the review

  2. Danielle, Thanks for sharing about the iPad timer. I've been looking for one of these. I hope it helps Zac stay focused on his assignments and gives him something to work toward.

    I really enjoy your blog!


  3. Hope you guys like your Time Timers as much as we do!

    And Vicki...thank you for the blog love! :)