Wednesday, November 9, 2011

my 1st grader’s workboxes




So what’s in her workboxes lately?


  • Math – we’re using Abeka’s Arithmetic 1 and loving it!  Math is just coming naturally to her.  This week she’s started measuring with a ruler and learning how to tell time.  Along with Addition & Subtraction through the number 7. 
  • Language Arts (Letters & Sounds, Language,Spelling) – we’re using Abeka for Language Arts as well.  Not as much love happening here.  It feels more like work. In love  I’m more and more convinced that she just does not process things auditor-ily.  Some tricks I’ve been using to help keep her motivated include:  reviewing our special sounds while bouncing on the trampoline; brushing her hair while moving through her seatwork (she looooves); and earning a piece of candy after each completed subject.  Gotta love Halloween candy!  For Spelling I really really need to buy alphabet stamps.  That…or a new curriculum!
  • Reading – my same wonderful friend who made my adorable felt fractions…is loaning me TipToes!  Somehow (mommy flake moment) I managed to not order it!
  • Piano – daily practice and weekly lessons with Grams.  Although my mom’s health has been dodge-y lately.  She was just diagnosed with asthma and there are more tests pending to get to the bottom of what’s going on.  If you’re reading this today…would you mind lifting her up in prayer?  We love & need Grams (to keep my sanity)!
  •  Creative Writing – I’m just using a little crayola booklet with space for a picture on top and a few lines below.  I go back through and correct her spelling and punctuation…but that’s more so we can giggle over it at the end of the year!
  • Science – once weekly I gather both the kiddos to explore astronomy with Apologia.   
  • Cursive – our whole family has fine motor issues!  Um…and we like things perfect.  Not a great combo when it comes to learning cursive!  I saw a really great idea this week…to use a sand tray for letter learning and immediately my mind went whirling twirling with ideas.  I happened to have the perfect tray already because I snagged a Circo (from Target) large beads kit that was on sale.  I bought the beads for Trevy’s Trays…but the cute case is perfect for his cursive learning big sister!


toby's love note and bowl of cereal 008

toby's love note and bowl of cereal 010






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  1. Love how you made the sand tray. We have several of those boxes lying around. Now all I need is sand. lol

  2. I stole sand from my sensory bin which I totally should have updated for Thanksgiving but my procrastination paid off! ;)

    She loooooves the sand tray! I bet your girls will too!


  3. LOVE the sand tray idea! I can see Sam making a HUGE mess with it though! LOL

  4. Not as much fun with Trevy...that's for sure! Buuuut...he did better with this little tray than he does with the sensory bin!


  5. Thanks for linking up with workbox wednesday! Have you tried for help with the spelling? It is not a curriculum per se but it does have some different activities for practice and you can customize the list. Plus it is free!

  6. You always have some great ideas. I love the writing box. I just read the previous post. BIGIQ spelling is loved by Brayden at our house!