Monday, November 28, 2011

the easy (peasy) French (a TOS review)



As a Once-Upon-A-Time Missionary, I was SO excited to be chosen as part of the TOS Great Commission Languages review team!




There are two language choices (French & Spanish) at varied learning levels.  I chose French over Spanish.  This way if we ever find ourselves playing missionary in The Bush again we’ll be proficient at two of the primary languages.  The Hubs and I already speak (rusty) Swahili.  And the other half of Africa has French influence.  So we’ll be all set.  In love 



There are several different level options to choose from at prices ranging from $139.95 – $69.95.  Each set is meant as a multi-year program.




I opted for the Le Français Facile! Junior set because it specifically states it’s great for mixed ages.  And since my homeschool is comprised of mixed ages (mostly younger) I felt this would be the best fit for our family. 




I love how neat and organized the package was.  And since I’m a big fan of streamlining…being able to use the discs in the cd  player (for just voice overs) and in the computer (for printing and/or voice overs) was GREAT!  We had fun laughing at each other trying to speak with the right intonations.  The story lines and printable coloring pages are just too cute.  Especially for the littles in our house.  The 5th Grader thinks it’s a little cheesy.  So long as he can tell me that in French I’ll let it go.  Winking smile 



Explore sample lessons here (for French) and here (for Spanish). 



I know there are fans of other more pricey programs out there.  But I really like Great Commission’s products.  It’s affordable and fun.  Which is probably why the received the Practical Homeschooling Reader Award.




  It made my Hubs and I nostalgic of our Tanzanian language school days.  The curriculum is presented in very much the same format.  And since we both became fairly proficient with Swahili we’re now looking forward to spending the next couple years learning French together too!



**this is my little space where I disclaim that I was given  Le Français Facile! Junior free of charge in exchange for my honest and timely review.  All thoughts expressed are entirely my own based on our family’s experience.  Want to see what others are thinking?  You’re in luck – click here to visit the TOS homeschool Crew!  




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