Tuesday, September 20, 2011

sketch Tuesday: roman style


The plan is for art to happen on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Which is why it’s really handy that Harmony Art Mom hosts a sketch challenge each week.  On Tuesdays!  Smile



This week the challenge is to sketch something from Ancient Rome. 



The kids and I had fun google-ing…youtube-ing…and library book ordering all things Ancient Rome-y.



This was totally our fave YouTube find…





The kids spent over an hour finding online inspirations and then putting their translations to paper. 



Her Sketch

ancient rome and alphabet hunt videos 019


Roman Solider with his trusty horse…


ancient rome and alphabet hunt videos 020




His Sketch

ancient rome and alphabet hunt videos 021


He opted to share a collection of sketches and facts about Ancient Rome. 


I think his Coliseum is fantastic!  And loooooove how he compared how many Fenways could fit into The Coliseum!  He even did all the math to make it as close to accurate as possible.  Fenway is that little green square below the Coliseum.  Too cute and clever!


ancient rome and alphabet hunt videos 022



Already looking forward to next week’s challenge!  But in the meantime I hope you join the fun too.  And if you do…we’d love to see your entries!


Other resources we’re using this week to learn more about Ancient Rome:





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