Monday, September 12, 2011

a little science with your recess?


It’s not like we need a super cute totally girly umbrella. 


workboxing and more 025
It’s just that I couldn’t resist. 



It was only thirty nine cents at Michaels.  And I happen to own a little girl who I knew would be over the moon about it. 

workboxing and more 026
And was she ever. 


In fact, she was way too excited when it was pouring cats & dogs the next day.  A nature walk was begged for.  I agreed as long as she wore her rain shoes (so the muddy prints would be limited to the mud room) and promised to make some “observations”. 

workboxing and more 027


Verbatim Scientific Observations of a 1st Grader


  • When it’s rainy there are puddles everywhere…when it’s sunny the earth is dry
  • When you’re outside when it’s raining sometimes there can be hail, thunder, and lightening but not when it’s sunny (we were hailed on during our summer vacation…it wasn’t hailing that day Smile)


and my personal fave…


  • When you splash in the puddles with short shoes on…sometimes water gets in them! 




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