Monday, August 15, 2011

with a face that cute


Toby posing with his Johnson game ball (2)


5th Grade.  Oh my.  Wasn’t it yesterday his daddy and I were desperately hoping the nurses would recommend another day in the birthing suite because we were terrified to bring him home?



I never intended to homeschool, you know.  It was only going to be for that one semester.  The one we made a last minute decision to come home (from The Bush)  for the birth of our youngest…never dreaming our whole life was about to change.  But change it did and here we are…four years later.  The crazy thing is…I’m still home educating!  And know what?  I kinda sorta love it!  Mostly.  I mean, I totally have those days where I wonder what the heck I was thinking.  Don’t we all?  But then we’ll have one of those moments.  The beautiful cherish-licious moments.  The kind I’m worried I’d be missing if he were off and away 8 hours every day.  The kind I get to experience inside and out because…he’s not.  He’s right here with me.  And I have the amazing gift of being his teacher.  I’ve had the joy of watching him grow.  Not just academically…but in the soul too.  This past year has been one of change.  He’s no longer my baby.  Or at least he won’t let me call him that anymore.  Suddenly he’s so tall and filling out his clothes.  His thoughts are complex and he’s articulate when sharing them.  He’s growing up.  Becoming a young man.  And I truly couldn’t be more proud of him!   



And then there’s her…



Bristel & Daddy make the patio (9)



My (almost a) 1st Grader.  Dimples and sass.  Lover of anything crafty and convinced there’s never enough glitter.  She’s my nurturer by Design.  Always the first to sense if someone needs a cuddle and to make sure they get it.  And then some.  Loves to be tickled and help her baby brother learn new things.  Even if she’s not a fan of learning the academics herself.  But smart as a whip anyway.  A tender old soul.  I often wonder what her Life holds – with a heart that big…  Smile.  She attended our local PS for Kindergarten last year and enjoyed it.  It was only a half day program, otherwise I’m sure she’d have complained!  Especially because the thing she’s most excited about homeschooling this year is being promised we’d make sure to take lots of breaks (her declared favorite subject is – recess) and she can wear her jammies the whole live long day!  Unless we have somewhere to be.  But shhhhhhh…I haven’t broken that news to her yet!    



felt activities and three buddies 026


And we can’t forget the little guy.  I’m allowed to still call him my baby.  He doesn’t have the choice.  It’s written somewhere in the Mommy Rule Book.  Wink.  His therapeutic needs are intensive enough that we feel the best choice (for now) is the little integrated preschool he attends four days a week.  There his days are filled with Speech Therapy, ABA Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy…and lots of little friends to romp around and discover the world with.


But that doesn’t mean he’s off the learning hook at home!  Oh no.   He’s totally on my student roster for this year too! 




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