Monday, August 8, 2011

who doesn’t love free spelling & math tools?

I’m honored and a wee bit overwhelmed to be joining the TOS Crew this year. 


I’ve already been digging into my first item to review.  Hint:  It’s a wonderful mommy read.  Smile 

But when I was added to the list for even though I hadn’t expressed interest…I was a little.  Um.  Worried?  It felt like it might be too big for me.  But I knew this could happen.  Still.  I had a knot in my tummy (preschoolers much?).   

But then today… 

When I was able to more fully explore their website.  Now I’m all jazzed about this wonderful opportunity.  And know what?  I think you might like them too.  If you haven’t already found BigIQkids…I totally think it would be worth your time to head over there and take advantage of the free spelling & math accounts!  I’ll fill you on the premium accounts eventually. Smile


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