Friday, August 19, 2011

meet other mommies!



I draw SO much inspiration from the moms I find in blog-ville!


Which totally explains the silly grin I’m sporting right now.  Well, also a friend is bringing me donuts.  Chocolate donuts. 




I’m really looking forward to blog hopping with this great link up too!



Crew Blog Hop





  1. I'd be smiling over chocolate donuts, too. :D Thanks for joining the blog hop. Happy Sailing!

  2. Hi Crew mate! Oh now I need a chocolate donut. Great. ;) Following you, as long as you promise to not talk about chocolate too much. . . ;)

  3. Um, excuse me.. did you chocolate donuts? Oh, yeah.. you've got great friends!

    I am stopping by from the blog hop. I'm already a follower. thanks for linking up!

  4. Great hop and several newer followers have come my way. Thanks for spreading the word

  5. Stopping by from that Blog Hop too and now a follower! Meeting new mom's sure is fun, with our without chocolate donuts, though with is always better I am sure!


  6. As it would turn out...those donuts never came!

    But I'm still having fun meeting new moms. :)


  7. Glad you are having fun, even without the donuts. :)